Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blink of an eye

TWO years ago..

but it was just like yesterday,
New Years of 2008,
with a friend,
cold weather,
each cuddled in their warm jumper,
holding a pen and plain A4 paper,
hiding our "new years resolutions" from each other, until we've finished writing our list..

I don't remember much of my list except that it was a bit silly :P
..and 'friend' stuck it on the wall with a bright fuschia tape, which surprisingly stayed there for like 9 months, lol.

So flash forward a whole year later .. New Year 2009!
Ruby's cbox
good times..
.. a start of a wonderful era ;*

Now, here we are.. the year  2010 !
seems like all that happened with a blink of an eye.

to a great year, 
filled with success..

and.... world peace?

Bye-Bye December!

Rubyyy-Woooo! will be dearly missed :'(

Fact of the Day:
currently adapting the 'law of attraction' ...and it better work!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Put a ring on it..

I'm hooked-up on GLEE..!!!
(more about it here and here)

Too bad there's only 13 episodes so far :/

To be honest, I expected it to be a bit corny and not that good.. but its the Total opposite!!

It's very random, yet so funny, and of course love the songs and choreography!


Here's sneak peak of 'Glee Club' in action, singing "Don't Stop Believin":

PS. episode 4 is my fav, so far  ;p

Fact of the Day:..

when technology and stupid mistakes increase stress levels, causing the feeling of wanting to pull-out every single hair on your head.... just uplift your spirit, singing along to GLEE soundtrack songs.. and the world is all good !


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I. Penn

Irving Penn,

  • One of the most remarkable contemporary photographer i came across.
  • He pays attention to detail and brings out 'interesting flaws' of the people/things he photographs.
  • His amazing career definitely influenced Photography, as a whole
  • attempt to reproduce my favorite of his portraits, using pencil:

"Black and White Vogue Cover" 1950

Fact(s) of the Day:
-6 hours till class, and i really don't want to sleep :/
-lovin this random music site.!
-atoona re-enters "diligent mode"


Sunday, November 15, 2009


Its already Time... 
..for the christmas/Holiday season craze  ^_^

My favorite part of the year...
..when colorful lights Flash and Dance along, decorating the streets...

But the Best part of all...
.. The very yummy  freshly-made NuteLLa Crepes  <3  

On a completely different note:

LucoZade is some Powerfull stuff!!
it keeps you extra extra dangerously alert... and it only comes in a small 60 ml bottle.
it got me through a heck of a lot of cramming before an exam lool...
I wouldn't regret drinking it for the world, haha.. but seeing its crazy effects, I can actually class it as a "Dangerous Drug" ! 

Fact of the day:
Shine the light and send it on...


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Magic Candy <3

* dusts off the 'ghbaar' from Bloggy *

Seems like forever since I last posted, thought it was about time I wrote something!

Life's been busy with...    with...  i don't know what exactly.. but just plain busy.. 'raktha, raktha' :/

I know this years gona fly by like a rocket ship, I just hope I can hold on tight and try to enjoy the ride.

Here's to the sweet things in life, 
Here's to the sweet people in life, 
Here's to yummy candy. . . 

Oh, and have some cookies while at it ;p

Fact of the Day:
i'd do anything for a pair of Fly Jumpers.. check out the vid!



Friday, August 21, 2009

Cleanse your SouL..

Wishing you a Great month to CLEANSE your soul with many many good deeds inshaAllah!

Please don't waste too much time watching non-sence TV shows full of negativity and sadness..     H  A  P  P  Y ..

..spend our Holy month     W  I  S  E  L  Y .. praying, reading Quran, and spending quality time with family and friends  =)

May all our Prayers be answered !

PS. hunger makes me feel a bit "agitated". Therefore, i will try to be non-temperamental.. it's just better that way... for us all :p

(a shout out to a special person: ..u know we're always here for you. please don't disappear like that, it's killing us)

Fact of the Day:
i've got a whole week off wohooow!... and How will i spend it? 
..i'm not so sure, but i'm really really hoping it involves a plane ride? lets just hope it works out! 


Sunday, August 02, 2009

What Technology has brought us!

Last night, I was watching random home made Youtube videos, as usual, and I heard something about "BlogTV"... so i asked our friend, Mr.Google, not knowing what to expect, and clicked the link that came up..

... and Voilà..!
 a window into a very different worldd..

.. a world where any random person anywhere on this globe broadcasts a live video of themselves and there's a chat box on the side where people could comment, ask questions, and acutally have a proper discussion with the person in the video!!

By stumbling upon this site, lemme tell you, i could not believe the extent of what technology has brought us!
It's amazing how you type something and immediately you get a response from the person in the video stream (or whatever its supposed to be called..)
So, to cut the description short, it's like Live YouTubing, where the live video broadcaster can have conversations with the commenters.

There is definitely room for people to abuse this form of random stranger communication, especially with all those cyber weirdos out there :/

The broadcasted stuff I've seen so far included people playing guitar, singing, (some very talented, and others so so) comedy stuff, diy craft making, and even just sitting there staring at the cam doing nothing or responding to random topics with the "typers" on the chat.

One broadcaster that really caught my interest was this talented artist that was broadcasting himself as part of a project he called "My Space".

He was actually living for a whole week in a cardboard box in an art gallery in Miami, where visitors could peek through peepholes to see him. His forms of communication included internet connection and a mobile phone. 

It was interesting to chat with him through his video broadcast, because he explained how his project experiments with human interaction and how much it has changed with technology. 
I asked about how he gets his food, and believe it or not it's the random people visiting him that offer him food, and sometimes in exchange for some of his art work that he has displayed in his 'box'. .. aint that interesting?

yeah so i think BlogTV its an interesting place to visit once in a while, see what's out there.
I DO advise to beware of the weirdos, and i defiantly do not recommend this site for young internet surfers, due to some unnecessary hater and uncensored comments that may be found :p

enjoy y'all!

~Fact of the day:
Starting uni again made me realize I NEED to be a super extra diligent student this year.. looks like my life will depend on it.

= here's to diligentness =


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Compare the MeerKaT!

I discovered something at a trip to the local zoo...

...that I am NOT alone with my way of sleeping!

Thanks to a little animal called a Meerkat..  ( a.k.a "Timone" from the Lion King)

It's just that if I am not tucked comfortably in my bed, I Do tend to sleep in peculiar ways.. (hence the "chennech rebyana" comments :p)

I'll explain 2 common scenarios.. all with photographic evidence.

1.  I'm on my laptop late at night... procrastinating sleep as usual.. and for those who don't know me, I only sleep to live :p

Ya so im on my lapptop typing or browsing or whatever.. then i get this wave of sleepiness without any warning and my eyes close and my brain shuts down.. and i fall into a sleep where I would most likely be woken-up from either laptop sounds or the early morning sun.

a virtual doodle to explain :p..

2.  I'm curled up on my couch watching TV (infomercials still count as tv ;p) trying to fight the sleepiness.

 I surrender and rest my head a bit by putting it down ... and before I know, it I fall into a semi sleep kinda looking like this:

Back pain or a nagging voice from someone telling me to go to bed wakes me up..

and a flaat tebbe66e77 would be the next comfy sleeping option like so:


~Fact of the day:
I am in love with  GUITAR HERO  <3


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scrub iT !

Scrubbing-in and assisting in Theatre must have been the coolest experience ever...
yeah they were tiring long days and all, but atleast I got to know a hot McDreamy-ish surgeon!

He was so cool that while operating and drilling screws into bones, he bobs his head, singing along to "Grease Lightning.."  "Arr-Ess-Pei-Eee-See-Tee... " and sometimes he adds a little booty shake too.. haha ;p

and when he gets bored during the procedures, he asks us stupid jokes like "why did the chicken cross the road.." lol!

Don't get me wrong, the dude definitely knows what he's doing, and he makes a pretty darn good job at it too..

Who ever said that males can not multi-task?
well, maybe hot surgeons are just an exception ;p

He definitely made the experience more enjoyable.. and I Thank him for bringing a sense of humor into this somewhat brutal profession of his.

Unrelated fact of the day:
Don't accidently squirt toothpaste into your eye... it
hurts, trust me  :/


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time of the World

i don't like the feeling of something biting your insides... sometimes I cannot put a finger to what exactly is causing it.. I think it's a combination of feeling vulnerable and a little stupid incident that seems to escalate by making it more important and dramatic than it really is..

okay i don't think i'm being understandable right now.. but typing this is making it better.

does anyone know of an "undo" button that exists in life?

I don't like miscommunications and altered mood confrontations! and being mean to someone for an unimportant reason.. only to realize that After the "damage is done".. 
and most of all I don't like the feeling of guilt. I pretty much live on a clear conscience and to have something sitting in me like that just messes up my insides.

a person knows the real facts, and maybe things could change, i guess only time would tell?

unrelated fact of the day:
a Superwoman, i chose to be <3

PS. I’ll be away … or SHOULD be away for a while, its exam season (wohow).. i want to believe that i have the Time of the World.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BAAM! Chicken Herpes Anyone?

Why is it that we work hard, live, deal with people, we think all might be going well...

but then  BAAM a big slap on the face!
( a painful one, I must add)

i guess ' Zzis is Life '

I'm not gonna sulk about it,  i'm not gonna complain..
I choose to FighT the bitterness, pick myself up, flex my biceps out and grrrrrrrrrr! 


This is something I've discovered at a cafe back home..

I couldn't help not laughing when I read this from their menu:

Arabic translation..

I wonder who in the world would Want to get Herpes from their Chicken?!

(for those who need extra help 'getting it'  ;p  the Name of the dish should have been:

Chicken Herbs.... as in 'a3shaaab',

not Herpes... an infection-causing virus! ;p )

~Fact of the day:
eL Sahar ekhalee el wa7ed ye9eer wayed wayed ghabee the next day :/


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back to Reality.. Oh, there goes Gravity

Those 2 weeks went so fast...

okay, I shouldn't be writing this right now cuz I've got So many things to organize before I start uni again tomorow, but here goes..

I've been reflecting on the nice and relaxing times i've had back home. and No i do not feel one inch of guilt for not attempting to even look at the notes i had brought with me. 
It was totally worth it!

Waking-up kinda early almost every day, having the whole morning to do whatever... from accompanying a friend for job papers to be completed, to planning early breakfasts somewhere where flamingoes can be found ;p or just having old-fashioned breakfast at home.

I didn't usually go out for 'ghada' cuz I just wanted to enjoy our home-cooked food as much as I can :) and sometimes I'd tell them to save a bit so I can have it for dinner.. 6ab3an they'd think i'm wierd.. oh well, as long as i'm enjoying my food, right? ;p

Being with my nieces/nephew was the best el9ara7a. the smallest things they say just make your day.

Also throw in 2 'esteqbals', and a kid's McDonalds Birthday party and that pretty much sums up my trip back home :)

I didn't take much pics, but i found those in my mobile:

the kids, swinging outside..  weeeeeeee

and some flamingoes in the distance... 
(pic dedicated to those who First took me there :**)

~Something i've discovered:
Coffee Republic's Nutella Hot Chocolate... mmm pure bliss!

* Title as sung by Eminem ;p

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Through My Window~

The sky is pitch dark, my spotlights are dimmed. Lounging lazily on my couch next to the windows.. Party of Five on TV, remote in my hand, laptop on the table, next to it a plate with bread crumbs and remnants of ketchup, beside it an empty mug with a wet green-tea bag.

My eyes are uncontrollably shutting as i feel sleepier and sleepier. The time? 1:34 am. Just thinking of all the things i gotta do before going to bed just made me want to stay on the couch slouching and doing nothing..

..thats when i heard a very very close noise going: 

My heart racing,.. scared to death, I look behind me and notice a figure of a Large man against my window!
He was attached to many ropes, with a helmet on his head and a sqweegee thing in his hand.
(bear in mind, i'm on one of the top floors of this building..)

My reflex action happened surprisingly fast.. i jumped out of my humble couch, moved the sheer white curtain accross and rushed to switch the lights off so that i wouldn't be 'exposed' with my lovely kesha bed-head and pj's on..

i ran away to hide in the room, but saw the other dude had jumped into the balcony to clean the other windows  :/

man, i was seriously freaked out!

who would do this in the middle of the night? what if i needed extra privacy.. Definitely not good to have a person looking into my place like that! at least have it done during daylight, and it wouldn't hurt to send out a stupid notice either.

it better be that my windows are squeaky clean right now.

unrelated chitchat:
* 4 more days and im hooome~    yipeee =)

* I can't stop listening to HALO.. (o0 lesh only Beyonce etshoof a Halo 3ala lawademha?! wallahh ;p )


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Day in a Life...

*7:30- alarm

*8:00- wake up

*9-12:30- tutorial + practical work

(lunch break)- home, pray, eat, Scrubs on TV

*2pm- 1st lecture.  (..quite interesting, he so looks like Seal)

*3pm- 2nd lec.   ( fella.. was spending ages explaining every annoying little insignificant detail!!)

*4pm- 3rd lec.     (..she had the lights off every 5 mins to see the slides more clearly.. gave me a chance to doze-off a bit)

*5pm- 4th lec.      ( this dude literally looks like a boney skeleton with flesh, i'm not kidding)

*6:15- i'm hoooooome =)

For almost 4 straight hours my poor toshi was sat in the same seat.. i didn't get up, not even once!

for the 1st lec, i was listening attentively. The fact that he looked like Seal was kinda amusing, i gotta admit ;p

It went down-hill from there... so to keep myself entertained, I started doodling the Exit sign.. which then expanded to doodling my view... i felt like a grounded kid, forced to stay in one place.

an here you go, an annotated doodle :p  ..

i was surprised my pen still had ink left :)

a fact that i clearly Do remember from yesterday though is that
'rana' in Latin means frog, and something about a swelling looking like a frog's belly.. we3 :/


Saturday, March 21, 2009

100 Truths

Tagged by the lovely TechnogaL :*
I did them last night, but i was too sleepy to post! so here goes..

according to Danderma, "...fa technically I tagged you before you tagged me"


1. Last beverage : green tea
2. Last phone call: a friend discussing bday gift ideas for another friend.
3. Last instant message: “ee et9adgeen”
4. Last song you listened to : Beauty and the beast: Be our guest
5. Last time you cried : in February
6. Last text message : a traveling Friend, saying her byes.


12. Magenta
13. Royal Blue
14. grey


15. Made a new friend :No
16. Fallen out of love : No
17. Laughed until you cried : Yup!.. 3ala one of mic embalta3's episodes :P
18. Met someone who changed your life : No
19. Found out who your true friends were : yes
20. Found out someone was talking about you : No
21. Have you kissed anyone on your Facebook friends list: No
22. How many people on your Facebook friends list do you know in real life: 1.. (i hardly use it.. got 7 friends in total, 6 of which are bloggers.)
23. How many kids do you want to have: 4
24. Do you have any pets: No, unless Sisters count?
25. Do you want to change your name: No
26. What did you get for your last birthday: Lovely earings :*, a filofax!, a pretty photo album, a cute olive oil holder bottle thing, and Crabtree & Evelyn products.
27. What time did you wake up today : @7:25 am (5 mins b4 the alarm, madre shako)
28. What were you doing at midnight last night: blog-surfing
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for: Go HoooME!
30. Last time you saw your father: in December :(
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: my posture!
32. What are you listening to right now: American Idol in the background.
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Yes.. bs 7asafa lail7een ma legait someone called Jerry ;P
34. Who’s getting on your nerves right now: el judge el qatheetha malat american idol: Kara Dioguardi
35. Most visited webpage: Youtube!
36: what’s your real name: Heather.. ha ha just kidding.. manee gayla ;p
37. Nicknames : atoona
38. Status: Alive ;p
39. Zodiac sign: Cancer!
40. Male or female: Female
44. University: of Teeth ;p
45. Hair color : dark brown
46. Long or short : mid-length
47. Are you a health freak: i'm trying hard at it.
48. Height: madre.. anyone has a measuring tape?
49. Do you have a crush on someone: no i have Fanta.. haha =P
50: What do you like about yourself: my shi66a-ness on things, keeps me happy :p
51. What don’t you like about yourself : can be a bit controlling, especially w/ sis's.. but only for their own good! (well, i'd like to think ;p)
52. Righty or lefty: Righty.. with several failed attempts at learning to be AMBIDEXTROUS :/


53. First surgery: when i was like 6.
54. First piercing: when i was a baby.. 6ab3an ear.
55. Your first best friend: Hind..however she's doing/wherever she is in the world, i wonder.
56. First award: don't really remember, maybe the basketball MVP.
57. First sport you joined : Basketball
58. First pet: turtle? madre I had a lot.
59. First vacation: Disney World.
60. First concert: Michael Buble ;)
61. First crush: my cousin.. i seriously thought i'd grow up and marry the dude.. Lol! don't know What i was thinking =p


62. Eating : Nothing, but i'm smelling the pizza in the oven o ba6ny is waqweqing.
63. Drinking: nothing
64. I’m about to: stop answering these questions!
65. Listening to: i already said i'm listening to American Idol on tv in the background!
66. Waiting for: The pizza to finish.


67. Want kids : Yes
68. Want to get married : sometime
69. Careers in mind: there's nothing in my mind except this little section of it shouting out: ana yo3aanaaa!


70. Lips or eyes: Eyes
71. Hugs or kisses: hugs
72. Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous
73. Nice stomach or nice arms: Stomach
74. Sensitive or loud: ya3ni lazem yaa troofah, a muz3ej? i say none!
75. Hook-up or relationship: does it really matter?
76. Trouble maker or hesitant: hesitant sounds weak, so no.
77. Lefty or Righty: Lefty... 3ashan both of us combined in9eer AMBIDEXTROUS ;P
78. Shorter or taller: Taller
79. Older or Younger: Older, definately.


80. Lost glasses/contacts: Yes!
81. Ran away from home: To my uncle's house across the 7osh? yes!
82. Kissed a stranger: yeah many.. well, to me they are strangers cuz i don't know them, bs they tend to be like 'halla atoona bnaytee *smooch*smooch*'
83. Drank Pepsi: who didn't?
84. Broken someone’s heart: not that I know of.
85. Been arrested : No
86. Turned someone down: Yup
87. Cried when someone died : yes
88. Liked a guy/girl friend? ya3ni why would I not like them if they are my friend?


89. Yourself: i believe i can flyyyyyyyyyyy~
90. Miracles: There can be Miraaaaacles.. wheeen you beliieeeeve! though hope is fraiiillll.. its haaard to kiiilllll~
91. Love at first sight: hmm.. i'd like to think i do.
92. Heaven : Yes
93. Santa Claus: lol.. sadly, i used to..
94. Kiss on the first date : no
95. Angels : yes


96. Are you happy with your life: el7emdellah.
97. Is there one person you want to be with right now: yes, many actually.
98. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time: lol, never had one in the 1st place :p
99. Do you believe in God : ee el7emdellah!
100. Posting this as 100 Truths? oolaah 9araw 100 already! wana agool laish it was Long!!

Now I'm thinking of 5 people to tag, who weren't already tagged and might have the 'khelg' to answer them..

*Queen Beee
*Anonyy & Zawee

if YOU want to do them, consider yourself tagged by me =)


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Inner Argument

Walking on my way home in the windy weather with a scarf wrapped around my neck, I was having an 'inner argument' wether to go to pass by the jam3eya.. or not.
(keep in mind it's litteraly 5 minutes away from my place)

1st side of me:
gosh im too tired.. had a long day, saw too many faces.. Need to go home, clear my mind, rest and eat.. yes eat.. oh and there's Subway, get a sub.. yo3anah!

2nd side of me:
the jam3eya is almost on the way, why not pass by it.. Plus it's so much better to eat healthy stuff... shlech eb hal Subway? oo ba3dain 9arlech 2 weeks tgoleen bashtery Fresh Fruits o lail7een ma sharaitay 3ala saan3!

1st side:
Don't go! the bags will be too heavy.. plus you'll be wasting plastic bags.. shfaydat el cloth shopper bags ehta uhma mkawedeen bl bait o u dont use them?!

2nd side:
yalla 3ad, ur handbag is not heavy today, so u'll be able to carry a couple of jam3eyya bags, o b3dain u can reuse or recycle the plastic bags, fa chaab.

yours truely decides to go to the jam3eyya afterall, but not before passing by a store and trying on 2 dresses and a top..
(so much for the 'waii ana ta3baanaaa' part, :P )

strolling around the jam3eya isles, i head to the checkout and happily bag my 4 bags of healthy food.

"your total comes to £..." 
i look in my handbag, search for my wallet... Not there :/
The ONE day i forget my wallet at home turns out i need it! why WHY does that happen?! 

so now i had to walk home WITHOUT my groceries :( (thats 5 minutes of walking) 
pick up my wallet and head back to the jam3yaa.. (add another 5 minutes) 
and carry my groceries bak home (more walking time..)

Thats Triple the time/walking effort!

I was too tired unpacking my groceries, let alone make food!
lo sam3a kalam 1st side a7sanlyy..

actually I don't totally regret it, cuz i'm enjoing munching on this 'pink lady' apple =)

Too much garga today... just wanted to share a Lovely Award passed on to me from the one and onlee Queen Beeeeee!
its supposed to be passed on to 7 other bloggers.. but i like too many.. can't chose!

Thank you Balqees :*


Monday, March 02, 2009

Only In a Woman's World!

Its a new mini web series about 4 girls, each Unique with her own personality..

I just saw the first couple of episodes.
they are very short, but funny and worth taking a short break from a hectic day to watch ;)

I just Love 'em!

click here to watch the trailer:

enjoy =)


still can't sleep...  so I joined Um Rakan  to "be one of the girls" by making an avitar.

and this is what we got:


Um Rakan                  Me


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


.:: 1961 ::.
the year Kuwait gained its independence..
ya7lailhaa, still quite young.. 

Wishing her many great years to come!

my attempt of portraying part of a mini Kuwaiti Boom:


I bought indoor mini sparklers today (aka. 'TaShaashee').. can't wait to use them tomorrow..
lets just hope it doesn't cause a fire hazard ;p

UPDATE-    added pic:

now how are/did YOU spending 25/26 Feb?


Monday, February 16, 2009

Ehda2 ela ZwenAnony ;)

: و تعلقات الرسمة كالتالي 

The Scene:
2 curly-haired beauties
(even though their prettiness is not fully portrayed bl drawing, sam7ony :P) are in the living room contemplating their current life issues...

  • ga3da 3ala her famous Qanafah, 3ala lonha el mufathal GreeN!
  • her famous Cupcake ^_^ avitar (eLy lail7een weddy aKeLHA !!) ma6boo3a 3ala Qanafat'ha el 3ajeebah ;)
  • 7aa6a eedha 3ala khad'ha o tes2al Zawee"shrayech age9 sha3ry.. o meshtahya akteb post al7en al7en al7en, bs golely 3an sheno?"

  • labsa Orange.. (habbat'ha el yedeeda ;) eb 3alam thaneee.. ma entabhat 3ala su2al Anony.. dash eb athon o 6ala3 eb athonha el thanya ;p
  • etfakker eb Rami- al 9ayyad el 9agheer o ayam lama kaanat tshoofa wehya yahel.. ya zeen el 6efoola wallah!
  • faj2atan taghayarat shafrat afkaarha o 9ar: "..yabeeli aro7 ashtereely 9aboon yedeed re7ta La6eefa.... malait min ely 3endy"
"wain re7tay.. shfeech mo ga3da tesme3een ely agoola??"

"haw ee sema3tech.. tawech geltay eb taktebeen post 3an 9aboon!"

(etqawem her 434)

o0 khaLe9at o maLe9at o yaw ZawenAnony o 3anfe9aWw!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Um-Rakan Owes ME!

A conversation about how i would NOT be able to live without my laptop became a dare...
well, i kinda needed a push to stop the distractions and start filling my lovely brain~ with some wonderful, useful information for my luckiest ever Friday the 13th exam!

At first, I seriously had withdawal symptoms.. i mean, being away from the internet by choice is SO much harder.. but after a while, i was surprisingly feeling okay with it.. except I was really missing my bloggers, and their posts  :'(

and guessss WhaT?
as of right now, I Officially WON the bet!! WoHoooooWW!

Here's to my technology independence!
me, Atoona, was able to live 10 days with-out the use of MY laptop, any computer, or any internet for that matter!

that's 1 whole week and three days people!

Now a really special... (and maybe a little bit MEAN ;p) person owes me a HANDWRITTEN real life letter sent all the way from across the globe! ... with a real STAMP on it  =D

42 new e-mails.. and god knows how many posts to catch up on... gotta go read, and thanks for those who commented on my last post.. i'll reply after posting this ;)

(pic by xDimax)

Monday, February 02, 2009


Dear Sheepskin,

a great big Thank You for keeping me from having frozen toesies

For I do not know how else I would've survived the walk to uni this morning.

now I finally understand why they chose to put you inside our boots...


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks for the Lemonade!

I loved this video! 7ada creative ;p

I've been tagged by the wonderful Desert Palms! oo ya7lailha she was so considerate.. I was only allowed to do it after the my exam ;p anyway.. here goes:
And I've been tagged by SOUL! 
Favourites Tag

Rules: So how this works is you add a new favourite to the list and pass it on to 10 to 15 people.

Favourite colour:      Magenta
Favourite getaway place:     Feeding the ducks at any pond/lake.
Favourite clothes brand in general:      mako fav. 
Favourite person in the entire world:      the person who invented the internet!
Favourite country (not including your own):      USA
Favourite car:      any SUV
Favourite sport:      Basketball, i miss it  :/
Favourite sport player:     don't really have one!
Favourite spot in Kuwait:      3al ba7ar yam Scientific Center.
Favourite animal:      polar bears, and this cutie.
Favourite movie:      Serendipity and Disney movies!
Favourite singer:     mako fav.
Favourite day in the week:     Friday
Favourite time of the day:     Tha7a time
Favourite holiday season:     Summer !
Favourite number:     7
Favourite food:      baryani baitna
Favourite chocolate:      NuteLLa
Favourite cartoon:     kim possible (madre lesh)
Favourite blogger =p:     you! ;p
Favorite ice cream flavor:      Ben&Jerrys piece of cake+ choc.fudge brownie together.
Favorite TV Show:      Desperate Housewives.

After doing this estaw3abt that i don't have a lot of official "Favorites" they change as i live :P
oh, and I don't tag anyone in particular, just whoever wants to do it  ;)