Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I. Penn

Irving Penn,

  • One of the most remarkable contemporary photographer i came across.
  • He pays attention to detail and brings out 'interesting flaws' of the people/things he photographs.
  • His amazing career definitely influenced Photography, as a whole
  • ..an attempt to reproduce my favorite of his portraits, using pencil:

"Black and White Vogue Cover" 1950

Fact(s) of the Day:
-6 hours till class, and i really don't want to sleep :/
-lovin this random music site.!
-atoona re-enters "diligent mode"



May said...

great work!
and loved your drawing ;)

Anony said...


Journal Entries said...

great drawing.. and great music site!

doona said...


Anony said...

another post without mentioning me :@

eshda3wa said...

9ij fann

Standy said...

nice drawing..
i wish if i can draw!

atoona said...

i'm so glad 'its' baack! miss you :**


Journal E.
ee the site is good for when you want to listen to different music, but don't know wat :P enjoy it!

i miss that crazy smily tongue face of yours.. HEY!

GooOOoGoogLe @|

3abalee fan as in 'bunka' hehe, thaankx :DD

you should give it a try, it's fun and relaxing :)

GiGi said...

picasso got nothin on u girrll;p nice drawing oo im googling him right after i comment;p

zwena said...


maynoooooona ma3a al google @| fashaltena :P

zwena said...

am commenting under my name @@

WOHOOOOO mn zman shakhbare :P

Anonymous said...

love the drawing

Khalid said...

el drawing 3jeeb!!!
mashallah 3laich 7adch ebdaa3 ;)

atoona said...

Lady Gigi
oolla.. picasso eb kubraa? LOL!
hope u enjoyed the googling ;)

*atoona tyabbeb* nawwar ur blogger user, nawwar =D

Thaaanks, you made me smile :)

Thaanks walla,
your comment made me smile too :D

Its said...

Its back ya3ne you-know-who *POINTING AT MYSELF* is back?

O entay weya your messages lemnattefeen matkhalseen? yarabbe yarabbe madre sheno bakteshef ba3deen ;p

:* love you too, both of you :*

Let it be known that this girl and all close ones of her are pieces of heaven. :)

atoona said...

Lol! yaL kha2essaaaa

im speachless