Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thomas Edison Was Afraid of the Dark?

This is proof at its best.. shows etha shay mo 3ajebkum.. u can do something about it!

Like our friend Thomas Edison here..

he lived in a time where the only light source they know of at night is the Moon.

His Fear of the Dark, pushed him to do something about it—inventing a LighT BuLB!

Now how fascinating is that?

Here we are almost 130 years later, and that light bulb definitely came a long way.

Wait a minute… does that mean that life not being perfect can actually be a good thing?
According to this example, yes!

As part of our human nature, we only strive to achieve things if we are in Need of them…

Mr. Edison here didn’t let being kicked out of school cuz he was ‘too stupid’ or being deaf in 1 ear get in his way..He believed in himself no matter what.

My point is, if we try real hard.. we can achieve much more than we think we can!

( this gives hope for the rest of us ;Pp )

Things I would LiKe to achieve:

  • invent a Microwave Fax (no more desperate food days.. MaChBo0S and BiRYaNi are just a fax call away!)

  • invent a device used to gain Total Physical Perfection just by standing on it for a few minutes.
    (after a few days, I’d be more flexible than
    Mrs. Incredible)--->

  • Find a cure for all diseases.

  • The ability to speed read a whole book and have it memorized within minutes (totally handy 4 exam derasa!)

  • learn more languages, including Hindi, French, and Spanish.

  • I’m sure there is many many more, basss mukhee wagaf.. I want to post this now… ely 3enda n e suggestions, 7ayakum bl comments section…

  • Oh, and one more thing...