Saturday, July 11, 2009

Compare the MeerKaT!

I discovered something at a trip to the local zoo...

...that I am NOT alone with my way of sleeping!

Thanks to a little animal called a Meerkat..  ( a.k.a "Timone" from the Lion King)

It's just that if I am not tucked comfortably in my bed, I Do tend to sleep in peculiar ways.. (hence the "chennech rebyana" comments :p)

I'll explain 2 common scenarios.. all with photographic evidence.

1.  I'm on my laptop late at night... procrastinating sleep as usual.. and for those who don't know me, I only sleep to live :p

Ya so im on my lapptop typing or browsing or whatever.. then i get this wave of sleepiness without any warning and my eyes close and my brain shuts down.. and i fall into a sleep where I would most likely be woken-up from either laptop sounds or the early morning sun.

a virtual doodle to explain :p..

2.  I'm curled up on my couch watching TV (infomercials still count as tv ;p) trying to fight the sleepiness.

 I surrender and rest my head a bit by putting it down ... and before I know, it I fall into a semi sleep kinda looking like this:

Back pain or a nagging voice from someone telling me to go to bed wakes me up..

and a flaat tebbe66e77 would be the next comfy sleeping option like so:


~Fact of the day:
I am in love with  GUITAR HERO  <3