Friday, November 28, 2008


This is gonna be my last post in a while (or at least should be!)

I've got so much work to do, its not even funny.. oo Sub7anallah how 'blogging' bumps itself  as priority on the list!

Anyway, since i had a break and all, i'd like to post a list to tell myself to do some work:

(okay.. here comes the "Positivity speech" 3ashan a9adeg roo7y, 9adgaw weyay ;p)

  • So WHY do Work?
-cuz working/studying/reading is FUN! 
ya3ni learning a lot of things, el wa7ed ye7es they are actually achieving something! oo chinna sometimes u feel ur brain growing shway after reading a lesson? (<---okay i've went overboard here :P)
  • i WILL make a study schedule and try to go by it so that i am actually doing something... or else MAKO safra to Q8 fahamtay?!
  • i'm gonna STOP collecting books from Amazon and try reading them for a change!
seriously, someitmes I feel like i'm buying the textbooks just to not feel guilty about not doing much work! oo i keep on thinking "ee 3adee, i have a book about it at home..." <-- ENZAIN shel fayda el ketab mawjood bl bookshelf mo your Brain!

 This must be a boring post to you guys, bs its directed mostly at my Uni lazyness.. 
Thank You for listeneing!

Oh, o etha sheftony i'm too active on blogger, i give u permission...Zeffoni!!

MY UPDATES  (6ab3an dedicated to Anony ;*)

i studied all relevant topics 4 my 3amaly exam tomorrow! wohoow... 

i just got back from classes, 
that gives me 1 hour to revise b4 my show comes on,.. 
then i'll revise some more after the show inshallah!

3 lectures wara ba3ath was really boring, so i doodled some revision notes on my fone:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I just got back from Switzerland a few days ago, had to visit a family member for the weekend.
6ab3an i'm gonna ignore the stupid ma6ar incident that made me feel like a Criminal.. its not positive, won't do me any good to remember it.

Otherwise, it was amazing. The last time i've been there was in 1994!
Its so weird to see the same exact places you remember as a child. Wallah my heart was fluttering, it was like I rode a time machine o now i'm a grown-up!

I can't really say much, i'll let the pics speak most of the words:

That was the view from the airplane before landing in Geneve.. abad, exactly like Leq8 :p

In Lausanne, we used to spend a lot of time feeding the ducks 'expired' khubiz. the place didn't change, even the ducks looked the same.

Very yummy, take my word for it!

Cute tiny birdies, 
feeding them some of my fries, even though other fry-eaters weren't so happy ;p

We walked by Cathedral Notre-Dame. I would've loved to go inside, but it was too late. It wow-ed me to see something that lasted more than 700 years! Makes you think of others that lived in that time and how their life was like. Sub7anallah.

one last thing,
sheftaw shloon tharbeen? 7atta el trash ewad3ona :P

bye :)


Saturday, November 08, 2008


This post is a Tribute to my one and only Bo7amad!
(La yroo7 baalkum b3eed, he is (or was) my cockatiel bird)

Thank you for...
..keeping me company at times when my city was literally empty.

..keeping me form 'going crazy', blabbing all my thoughts to you.

..welcoming me with big loud "i miss you" whistles the second i turn the door's keyhole.

..feeding from my hand, and letting me pet you whenever i want. me another reason to "shop" buying you toys, snacks, and food.

..influencing me to eat more fruits and veg, since your diet has to include at least one each day.

..making me proud of you by learning the 3 whistling tunes i taught you.

..for everything :)

and now i introduce Bo7amad in action!...

okay this is just a lil' rhyming thing i just made up (nothing professional!)

Thank you for being you,
just remember i won't forget you!

in my new place pets arn't allowed,
and for that i'm sure not proud.

i would never leave you astray,
so i had to give you away.

I made sure you're at a better home,
don't worry we won't be alone.

o0 Salamatkum :P