Saturday, November 08, 2008


This post is a Tribute to my one and only Bo7amad!
(La yroo7 baalkum b3eed, he is (or was) my cockatiel bird)

Thank you for...
..keeping me company at times when my city was literally empty.

..keeping me form 'going crazy', blabbing all my thoughts to you.

..welcoming me with big loud "i miss you" whistles the second i turn the door's keyhole.

..feeding from my hand, and letting me pet you whenever i want. me another reason to "shop" buying you toys, snacks, and food.

..influencing me to eat more fruits and veg, since your diet has to include at least one each day.

..making me proud of you by learning the 3 whistling tunes i taught you.

..for everything :)

and now i introduce Bo7amad in action!...

okay this is just a lil' rhyming thing i just made up (nothing professional!)

Thank you for being you,
just remember i won't forget you!

in my new place pets arn't allowed,
and for that i'm sure not proud.

i would never leave you astray,
so i had to give you away.

I made sure you're at a better home,
don't worry we won't be alone.

o0 Salamatkum :P



Hottie said...

Give him away?! :( How sad. We used to have many parrots growing up, my dad loved them! I was always afraid they'll bite my finger if i stuck it too close to the cage, lol.

3anooda said...

laish waza3teeh ya7laileh??

Ni3Na3aH said...

or sad...
hmmmmmmmmm... that is the question:P

A Journal Entry said...

3ad ya3ni birds do nothing.. ya3ni they stay fe their cages.. laish mamnoo3een!

MeeMzZ said...

awwwww cute chan 3a6atnee iyah!!;p

Anonymous said...


awal shay eshta6een ena wanasaa o i when i saw his pic i was like heheh abi azwaaq

bs ba3deeeen @@ you had to give him away

:((((((((((((( meskeeen kesar kha6reee

zwena said...

ooooooooooh 7raaam ween wadete :(

jooj said...

awwww msaikeeen bo7amad :( :P and 9a7 ilsanch

♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

ooo pets are annoying @@ he looks cute

aTooNa said...

allah parrots are cool! usually birds dont bite ur finger if they know u.. unless ur annoying them :P

i had to.. pets arnt allowed :s

lol, good question :P

madre 3anhum.. sakheefeen :s

lo gaylatlee menzemaan ;P

awwww.. 3yoonech el azwaaq! e 7asafa :/

i gave him to a person that has an avery in his home and can take good care of bo7amad :)

9a7 ebdanech! :)

aTooNa said...

thaaanks! but not all r annoying ;p

نقوشيه said...

weh w3lya =( allah y3eench 3ala
fra8a =/ o allah y3w'9ch 5yr !
3ad ahm shy el pet, 5a9a lma
tet3wdeen 3leh y9yr like a family member not just a friend ..

aTooNa said...

sweet words, thank you :)

Missy said...

Enzain it's just a birdie! y3nee chan 5shaiteeeh @@ wayed ganoneya enty :P we have the same birdie b3d esmah koko :p

Anonymous said...


U have (oh well had) a Parrot?!!!

I always wanted one!!!!

I recall my aunt had one when we were children, it was the sweetest thing!!!! I always told my self that i will buy myself one that is colorful (red or blue) when i grow up... well i grew up, mother wouldnt let me... so i got married and i wanted to bring one... husband is allergic :(

Another thing in common between us!!!!!! although i am afraid of all pets and birds and crawling things... but i do want a parrot ... 7safa 3leeh you gave him away :(

Ghadoor said...

wa3alaya laish hadaiteeh :(

SKITTLES said...

i'm not so crazy abt birds, bs naming ur bird "bo7amad" made him a lot cuter :-o

eshda3wa said...


im sure he appreciated the poetry

Spur said...



aTooNa said...

qawaneen engleez ba3ad shensawe.. salmay 3la koko ;)

man i just love your comments!
bs he's not a parrot exaclty, he's a cockatiel, parrots are cool too! when birds live at home, they're like a family member.. 7asafa ur hubby is allergic! yup, we'll add another thing in common on our list =)

eldenya o ma tsawe ;p

thanks, ee his name unique ;)

lol, allah wel poetry ;p

ee w3alaya

Coconut said...

i kno the feeling.. they're not just animals, they become your friends, u develop a special bond, it so hard giving them away!

aTooNa said...

yeah, thats so true!