Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scrub iT !

Scrubbing-in and assisting in Theatre must have been the coolest experience ever...
yeah they were tiring long days and all, but atleast I got to know a hot McDreamy-ish surgeon!

He was so cool that while operating and drilling screws into bones, he bobs his head, singing along to "Grease Lightning.."  "Arr-Ess-Pei-Eee-See-Tee... " and sometimes he adds a little booty shake too.. haha ;p

and when he gets bored during the procedures, he asks us stupid jokes like "why did the chicken cross the road.." lol!

Don't get me wrong, the dude definitely knows what he's doing, and he makes a pretty darn good job at it too..

Who ever said that males can not multi-task?
well, maybe hot surgeons are just an exception ;p

He definitely made the experience more enjoyable.. and I Thank him for bringing a sense of humor into this somewhat brutal profession of his.

Unrelated fact of the day:
Don't accidently squirt toothpaste into your eye... it
hurts, trust me  :/