Tuesday, February 24, 2009


.:: 1961 ::.
the year Kuwait gained its independence..
ya7lailhaa, still quite young.. 

Wishing her many great years to come!

my attempt of portraying part of a mini Kuwaiti Boom:


I bought indoor mini sparklers today (aka. 'TaShaashee').. can't wait to use them tomorrow..
lets just hope it doesn't cause a fire hazard ;p

UPDATE-    added pic:

now how are/did YOU spending 25/26 Feb?


Monday, February 16, 2009

Ehda2 ela ZwenAnony ;)

: و تعلقات الرسمة كالتالي 

The Scene:
2 curly-haired beauties
(even though their prettiness is not fully portrayed bl drawing, sam7ony :P) are in the living room contemplating their current life issues...

  • ga3da 3ala her famous Qanafah, 3ala lonha el mufathal GreeN!
  • her famous Cupcake ^_^ avitar (eLy lail7een weddy aKeLHA !!) ma6boo3a 3ala Qanafat'ha el 3ajeebah ;)
  • 7aa6a eedha 3ala khad'ha o tes2al Zawee"shrayech age9 sha3ry.. o meshtahya akteb post al7en al7en al7en, bs golely 3an sheno?"

  • labsa Orange.. (habbat'ha el yedeeda ;) eb 3alam thaneee.. ma entabhat 3ala su2al Anony.. dash eb athon o 6ala3 eb athonha el thanya ;p
  • etfakker eb Rami- al 9ayyad el 9agheer o ayam lama kaanat tshoofa wehya yahel.. ya zeen el 6efoola wallah!
  • faj2atan taghayarat shafrat afkaarha o 9ar: "..yabeeli aro7 ashtereely 9aboon yedeed re7ta La6eefa.... malait min ely 3endy"
"wain re7tay.. shfeech mo ga3da tesme3een ely agoola??"

"haw ee sema3tech.. tawech geltay eb taktebeen post 3an 9aboon!"

(etqawem her 434)

o0 khaLe9at o maLe9at o yaw ZawenAnony o 3anfe9aWw!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Um-Rakan Owes ME!

A conversation about how i would NOT be able to live without my laptop became a dare...
well, i kinda needed a push to stop the distractions and start filling my lovely brain~ with some wonderful, useful information for my luckiest ever Friday the 13th exam!

At first, I seriously had withdawal symptoms.. i mean, being away from the internet by choice is SO much harder.. but after a while, i was surprisingly feeling okay with it.. except I was really missing my bloggers, and their posts  :'(

and guessss WhaT?
as of right now, I Officially WON the bet!! WoHoooooWW!

Here's to my technology independence!
me, Atoona, was able to live 10 days with-out the use of MY laptop, any computer, or any internet for that matter!

that's 1 whole week and three days people!

Now a really special... (and maybe a little bit MEAN ;p) person owes me a HANDWRITTEN real life letter sent all the way from across the globe! ... with a real STAMP on it  =D

42 new e-mails.. and god knows how many posts to catch up on... gotta go read, and thanks for those who commented on my last post.. i'll reply after posting this ;)

(pic by xDimax)

Monday, February 02, 2009


Dear Sheepskin,

a great big Thank You for keeping me from having frozen toesies

For I do not know how else I would've survived the walk to uni this morning.

now I finally understand why they chose to put you inside our boots...