Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Movin' on up

*** UPDATE:    PIC  ADDED ***

I've been preoccupied in the last couple of weeks:

Uni... apartment-hunting... packing... moving... unpacking... apartment-shopping... and more uni!

el7emdellah i'm all settled now, the internet up and running :) 
I'm liking my new place. Believe it or not my favorite room is my bathroom, its very spacious, Victorian style, with a modern twist =)

I added this pic by the request of  some lovely commenters  ;)
(this is only one corner of it, i find it too weird to add the other parts! :P )

A Great Big Thank You to everyone that asked about me..
okay, i'll list some names to make u feel special ;P

Compare my OLD view...


to my New View: