Sunday, May 11, 2008

In just One Day

Funny isnt it, when in only one day, we can feel extremely UP and DOWN in reaction to different things going on @ that same day??  
how exhausting..
'Sahar-ing' and not sleeping well the previous night is enough for me to feel tired and non-orientated, especially with an early mornings start..

i start my morning with a lovely person that needs dentures. How i adore him. Not only is he mashallah full of postivity towards life, but considering his age and physical limitations, he is quite active when it comes mind, spirituality, & health.
Being able to get a lot done in that session was satisfying. Not only that, but the encouragement coming from this lovely person was definitely a confidence booster. As i wrap up the session i look at the time and the 'emergency meeting' has already started!  

Walking into the lecture theatre 15 minutes late, i notice people's faces literally look like they've been slapped a million times. Quietly taking my seat, I try to listen to what’s going on...
Key words i picked up: mistake, change of grades, 20 students negatively affected! Now i should see the reaction on my own face!.. What The?!? how can they do that? a University, supposedly one of the "Top" (yeah rite) can do such a thing with peoples grades? My heart beating faster as i stress over my grade. 
Noticing the uncontrollable crowd around this one piece of paper, i decide to wait till its less crowded to go check my grade. I see people bursting into Tears, others Mad and Shouting, and i PaNiC even more! 
Alright calm down, Bismillah.. i check my grade and...

[-= i N T e R M i S S i o N =-] : 

Check this song out!
doesn't it sound familiar?

 (i like this version better.. and i’m gonna watch the movie after exams inshallah!) 

..back to where i was..
So i was checking my grade and noticed it got one grade HigheR! alf el7emdellah! i couldn’t beleive it! yiPpeEee
As i sat down eating my lunch, I try to take my time as to avoid doing 'exam revision'. It was almost time for my afternoon session. I go early, setting up and having everything prepared for this patient.
He comes in, we start chatting about how long its been since i started treating him, that's almost 3 years and now. Simple task, just needs a filling replaced. As i carry on with the treatment, i notice bleeding coming from underneath the old filling... Nooo, Don't tell me i've hit the pulp!! my heart beating really fast, i PaNic like never before. i go up to my tutor, skipping the que, and tell him what i think happened, he comes over takes a quick look, tells me to bring instruments and prepare the patient for Root Canal Treatment! (this was Only supposed to be a simple filling!!) i start to feel reaaallly guilty. anyway.. i reassured my pt, set up everything for RCT. The tutor comes again to have another look, and then tells me, oh, by the way you didn't expose the pulp. I was like What?? Noww u tell me?? After i panicked and sweated like crazy?.. but i must admit, It was definitely A RELEIF! I continue with the filling and everything went on as normal. el7emdellah!

On my way back home, i feel my stomach growling of hunger, so i stop by a shop and get myself a Chicken Caesar Wrap (yummy). My friend calls me and tells me she's gonna do some exam revision in the library. Since i didn't do any studying that day, I decide to eat and rest for an hour, then join her (don’t know what i was thinking, i had a loong day as it is). 
We sat in the library, doing some work, and taking a break any chance we get. Time flew really fast, and before we knew it, it was already 11 pm!! no wonder i was yawning a lot. By the time i reached home, i felt like a zombie, really tired, was dead asleep, and didn’t wake up till 12 pm the next day!

Seriously, its  been a see-saw of emotions in just that one exhausting day! im glad it all went well!
Once again, el7emdellah!