Sunday, December 11, 2005


HeeYyaa ma buga shay 3ala my check-in.. finally barid 2 the deera iL 7abeeba!
jaW iL ma6ar iwaniss ma3a il x-mas lights o0 decorations =D
7edda ysa3id 3ala even more shoPpiNg.. 9rt ma ashim 3adl min kither il perfumes hehe :P obbai basy il chyaas thgaal madre shloon bikafoon biL cabiN storage thiNgie.. yala 3adee ill get thru it some way some how.
I hope haL 3i6la goes well wanasa-wise & study-wise.
can't wait 4 Baja Reunion part II (x-mas edition) LoL! yabeela ;)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

i want to break freee!

Presentaions- reports- exam!
what a routine! seriously makoo i7sas that my exam is tomorrow!
i try 2 wake up early and i kinda do...
but by the time comes for me to actually study half the day is gone..
how in the world did that happen.. ? TiMe can Seriously FLy by so fastt!
i think i can use some time manegment lessons!
hav no idea wat 2 expect.. Inshallah it goes well..
Can't wait 4 x-mas break! (bak 2 paradise)
seriously need to get sum sleep now..

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Christmas songs!

i donno why I've been really into the Christmas spirit lately...
Christmas songs realy change my mood! so cheerfull~
My Favorite is 'Winter Wonderland' by Johnny Mathis...
He also sings 'Sleigh Ride' which is kewL too.
o0hh.. and i also LoVe tree-ornaments! yishawgooN ^_^