Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks for the Lemonade!

I loved this video! 7ada creative ;p

I've been tagged by the wonderful Desert Palms! oo ya7lailha she was so considerate.. I was only allowed to do it after the my exam ;p anyway.. here goes:
And I've been tagged by SOUL! 
Favourites Tag

Rules: So how this works is you add a new favourite to the list and pass it on to 10 to 15 people.

Favourite colour:      Magenta
Favourite getaway place:     Feeding the ducks at any pond/lake.
Favourite clothes brand in general:      mako fav. 
Favourite person in the entire world:      the person who invented the internet!
Favourite country (not including your own):      USA
Favourite car:      any SUV
Favourite sport:      Basketball, i miss it  :/
Favourite sport player:     don't really have one!
Favourite spot in Kuwait:      3al ba7ar yam Scientific Center.
Favourite animal:      polar bears, and this cutie.
Favourite movie:      Serendipity and Disney movies!
Favourite singer:     mako fav.
Favourite day in the week:     Friday
Favourite time of the day:     Tha7a time
Favourite holiday season:     Summer !
Favourite number:     7
Favourite food:      baryani baitna
Favourite chocolate:      NuteLLa
Favourite cartoon:     kim possible (madre lesh)
Favourite blogger =p:     you! ;p
Favorite ice cream flavor:      Ben&Jerrys piece of cake+ choc.fudge brownie together.
Favorite TV Show:      Desperate Housewives.

After doing this estaw3abt that i don't have a lot of official "Favorites" they change as i live :P
oh, and I don't tag anyone in particular, just whoever wants to do it  ;)


Monday, January 05, 2009

Honesty Award Tag

Theres an Honesty Award being passed around to certain bloggers.. i've been tagged by Balqees and Anony.  ;*

The Rules:
a) list 10 things about yourself- make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
b) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the Honesty Spirit.

  1. I unintentionally advertise products/ideas I love, which is why I'm sometimes referred to as a walking da3aya.
  2. i like my pizza with EXTRA pizza sauce.
  3. I don't know why, but sometimes I make a sound/noise when i stretch or reach over to pickup something.. I can't really type it out, but it kinda sounds like "uumba" in a The Grudge sound way.
  4. I can not stand watching someone struggling really hard to get their shoes on, it annoys me a lot, so i look away.
  5. Whether its building a piece of furniture, dealing with electric wires, or using a screw driver, Im always up for the challenge. to me it's like giving a kid candy!
  6. Whenever a use of a map is involved, say a theme park or a new city, I'm usually the Guide.. yeah i love maps that much :)
  7. I hated Minnie Mouse, pink, and Barbies as a kid. I liked Mickey, red, and gadget toys instead.
  8. Sometimes I take the Ju7a long way home when i'm driving just to enjoy the peacefulness while listening to Easy 92.5
  9. I love sitting with Old people, and i like sewalefhum.
  10. I procrastinate uni work a lot, which is the reason i did this tag!.. yeah yeah i'll get back to Derasa after posting this!

I choose to Tag...
nemo, technogal, ni3na3ah, danderma, Gee, sugii, 3e9art mukhee o i can't think anyone else that isn't tagged already, so whoever wants to do it, consider yourself tagged by me :)