Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BAAM! Chicken Herpes Anyone?

Why is it that we work hard, live, deal with people, we think all might be going well...

but then  BAAM a big slap on the face!
( a painful one, I must add)

i guess ' Zzis is Life '

I'm not gonna sulk about it,  i'm not gonna complain..
I choose to FighT the bitterness, pick myself up, flex my biceps out and grrrrrrrrrr! 


This is something I've discovered at a cafe back home..

I couldn't help not laughing when I read this from their menu:

Arabic translation..

I wonder who in the world would Want to get Herpes from their Chicken?!

(for those who need extra help 'getting it'  ;p  the Name of the dish should have been:

Chicken Herbs.... as in 'a3shaaab',

not Herpes... an infection-causing virus! ;p )

~Fact of the day:
eL Sahar ekhalee el wa7ed ye9eer wayed wayed ghabee the next day :/


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back to Reality.. Oh, there goes Gravity

Those 2 weeks went so fast...

okay, I shouldn't be writing this right now cuz I've got So many things to organize before I start uni again tomorow, but here goes..

I've been reflecting on the nice and relaxing times i've had back home. and No i do not feel one inch of guilt for not attempting to even look at the notes i had brought with me. 
It was totally worth it!

Waking-up kinda early almost every day, having the whole morning to do whatever... from accompanying a friend for job papers to be completed, to planning early breakfasts somewhere where flamingoes can be found ;p or just having old-fashioned breakfast at home.

I didn't usually go out for 'ghada' cuz I just wanted to enjoy our home-cooked food as much as I can :) and sometimes I'd tell them to save a bit so I can have it for dinner.. 6ab3an they'd think i'm wierd.. oh well, as long as i'm enjoying my food, right? ;p

Being with my nieces/nephew was the best el9ara7a. the smallest things they say just make your day.

Also throw in 2 'esteqbals', and a kid's McDonalds Birthday party and that pretty much sums up my trip back home :)

I didn't take much pics, but i found those in my mobile:

the kids, swinging outside..  weeeeeeee

and some flamingoes in the distance... 
(pic dedicated to those who First took me there :**)

~Something i've discovered:
Coffee Republic's Nutella Hot Chocolate... mmm pure bliss!

* Title as sung by Eminem ;p

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Through My Window~

The sky is pitch dark, my spotlights are dimmed. Lounging lazily on my couch next to the windows.. Party of Five on TV, remote in my hand, laptop on the table, next to it a plate with bread crumbs and remnants of ketchup, beside it an empty mug with a wet green-tea bag.

My eyes are uncontrollably shutting as i feel sleepier and sleepier. The time? 1:34 am. Just thinking of all the things i gotta do before going to bed just made me want to stay on the couch slouching and doing nothing..

..thats when i heard a very very close noise going: 

My heart racing,.. scared to death, I look behind me and notice a figure of a Large man against my window!
He was attached to many ropes, with a helmet on his head and a sqweegee thing in his hand.
(bear in mind, i'm on one of the top floors of this building..)

My reflex action happened surprisingly fast.. i jumped out of my humble couch, moved the sheer white curtain accross and rushed to switch the lights off so that i wouldn't be 'exposed' with my lovely kesha bed-head and pj's on..

i ran away to hide in the room, but saw the other dude had jumped into the balcony to clean the other windows  :/

man, i was seriously freaked out!

who would do this in the middle of the night? what if i needed extra privacy.. Definitely not good to have a person looking into my place like that! at least have it done during daylight, and it wouldn't hurt to send out a stupid notice either.

it better be that my windows are squeaky clean right now.

unrelated chitchat:
* 4 more days and im hooome~    yipeee =)

* I can't stop listening to HALO.. (o0 lesh only Beyonce etshoof a Halo 3ala lawademha?! wallahh ;p )