Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back to Reality.. Oh, there goes Gravity

Those 2 weeks went so fast...

okay, I shouldn't be writing this right now cuz I've got So many things to organize before I start uni again tomorow, but here goes..

I've been reflecting on the nice and relaxing times i've had back home. and No i do not feel one inch of guilt for not attempting to even look at the notes i had brought with me. 
It was totally worth it!

Waking-up kinda early almost every day, having the whole morning to do whatever... from accompanying a friend for job papers to be completed, to planning early breakfasts somewhere where flamingoes can be found ;p or just having old-fashioned breakfast at home.

I didn't usually go out for 'ghada' cuz I just wanted to enjoy our home-cooked food as much as I can :) and sometimes I'd tell them to save a bit so I can have it for dinner.. 6ab3an they'd think i'm wierd.. oh well, as long as i'm enjoying my food, right? ;p

Being with my nieces/nephew was the best el9ara7a. the smallest things they say just make your day.

Also throw in 2 'esteqbals', and a kid's McDonalds Birthday party and that pretty much sums up my trip back home :)

I didn't take much pics, but i found those in my mobile:

the kids, swinging outside..  weeeeeeee

and some flamingoes in the distance... 
(pic dedicated to those who First took me there :**)

~Something i've discovered:
Coffee Republic's Nutella Hot Chocolate... mmm pure bliss!

* Title as sung by Eminem ;p


zwena said...


zwena said...


Anonymous said...


aham shay re7tay avenues wala laaaaaaa?? :P

wala yemde7ona hal hot choco bs lil7een mathegta :O

PaLoMiNo said...

Good U had a great time:)

atoona said...

Zawee Zawee bo Bawee.!

Lazem ethogena!!
hehe, la ma re7t this time :P

thaaaanx :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

it sucks that i couldnt make it wallah =\

Anonymous said...

at last someone walah 3ala il deera everyone i know esafir bara mayabi erid :(

Anonymous said...

That's more or less how I spent it and it was great. Wela jest il notes. Today was the 1st day back and I felt a tiny tiny bit of guilt at first but brushed it off lana it was worth it!

Gee said...

la2 la2
el nutella hot chocolate mal coffee republic yes7an el chabd :S

ana a7eb el classic hot chocolate mal starbucks, o lazem bdon sugar :p

atoona said...

ur spirit did ;D nothn sux, be positive dude n smile :) wohoow!

seriously? wala ma3endhum salfa.. malna ela deeratna :)

glad you had a good time :) ee it was definitely worth it :) go0d luck in the remaining semester!

men9ejjech... hmmm 3ayal entay mo min rabe3 el chocolate shot mal choco bar ;p

Ruby Woo said...

they're just ripping you off you know? Boil some milk and add a couple of spoons of nutella and voila!

and where's can I find the flamingo's? A7is they're yellow not pink since everything loses its color in this country.

Candy said...

flamingo u mean the spanish dance?
:D u know how 2 dance spanioleeee guuuurl!

desertpalms said...

me wana go back too =(

is it just me or does time go by reaaaalllyy faast over here? =S seriouslyy whats up with thatt!

atoona said...

The Woo.
i'm So gonna try that thanx :)
Free Trade Zone ;) ee kanaw white, thats what happens when they dont eat enough shrimp!

LOL laaa ;P
i meant flamingo, the animal.. adry the pic is not very clear.

Dezzert BaaLmzz.
it does freakishly go fast! i'ts been almost 1 week since i came back, yet i'm not totally unpacked yet.. chenna tawne yeet!

Ni3Na3aH said...

mashalah trip 7afla ;)
lel7een majarabta... but i will ma3ane not a big fan of nutella!

Anonymous said...

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