Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time of the World

i don't like the feeling of something biting your insides... sometimes I cannot put a finger to what exactly is causing it.. I think it's a combination of feeling vulnerable and a little stupid incident that seems to escalate by making it more important and dramatic than it really is..

okay i don't think i'm being understandable right now.. but typing this is making it better.

does anyone know of an "undo" button that exists in life?

I don't like miscommunications and altered mood confrontations! and being mean to someone for an unimportant reason.. only to realize that After the "damage is done".. 
and most of all I don't like the feeling of guilt. I pretty much live on a clear conscience and to have something sitting in me like that just messes up my insides.

a person knows the real facts, and maybe things could change, i guess only time would tell?

unrelated fact of the day:
a Superwoman, i chose to be <3

PS. I’ll be away … or SHOULD be away for a while, its exam season (wohow).. i want to believe that i have the Time of the World.