Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time of the World

i don't like the feeling of something biting your insides... sometimes I cannot put a finger to what exactly is causing it.. I think it's a combination of feeling vulnerable and a little stupid incident that seems to escalate by making it more important and dramatic than it really is..

okay i don't think i'm being understandable right now.. but typing this is making it better.

does anyone know of an "undo" button that exists in life?

I don't like miscommunications and altered mood confrontations! and being mean to someone for an unimportant reason.. only to realize that After the "damage is done".. 
and most of all I don't like the feeling of guilt. I pretty much live on a clear conscience and to have something sitting in me like that just messes up my insides.

a person knows the real facts, and maybe things could change, i guess only time would tell?

unrelated fact of the day:
a Superwoman, i chose to be <3

PS. I’ll be away … or SHOULD be away for a while, its exam season (wohow).. i want to believe that i have the Time of the World.



Anony said...

you do have the timeeeeeeee


go go goo superwoman *dance the cheeting dance*

( ghayarna men HSM :P)

el pic 3ajeeba !!!


zwena said...

Ok anony cheeting dance hathe shino?

O b3deeen kan la7em etgolen shino galat alsugen ;)

\ame OOONNn :@

zwena said...

Ok lat3aybeen 3ala badleyate ana ga3da akteb min mobile fa maybayen :p

Anony said...

haw shetgoleen !!! cham maraagolech write it fe msg ba3deen copy paste it :P


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i dont like exam season =(

it sucks =(

best of luck 3umry ;**

hope you kick their butts!!
(or teeth rather hehe)

eshda3wa said...

i hope everything works out

and goodluck with ur exams

Bahrain Fashion said...

Good luck with the exams and please do tell me where I can find an undo button in life ;)

A Journal Entry said...

such button should exist =/

oo good luck with the exams and all..

atoona said...

it's tme to TUrn it Up Game on! ;p

lol! t3ayben 3la badlyat Anony o 9ertay arda haha ;p ee e7em ;)

no no no, u got it wrong honey, exam season Rules! ;p 9a7? ee!
u ba3ad dersay o basech blogging ;p

Thank yoooooo, hot dent ;p

Bahrain Fashion.
Thaanx! i wish i could;p

Journal E.i think so too! thaanks :o)

Daddy's Girl said...

mo wagtah il 7een guilt o hoshat o ifhamat '3ala6 o blown out of proportion stuff ... wagt il exams

o ilee sej ye7ebech lo it6egenhm deliebrately ib 3asat 3la ras.hom ham they will make excuses for u and hang on...

yalla study... im waiting for u to come back o fix my tooth...

Glitter said...

Good luck :-)

Glitter said...
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elieruby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
elieruby said...

I've been through this once, where I despirately needed the undo button but the damage was done already. What came after was a whorlwind of negativity, miscommunications, misunderstandings, and everything just went wrong. I totally agree, it's not easy living with an unclear conscience. So my advice is, nip it in the bud while it's still fresh, fix the miscommunication and clarify everything with the other party before it gets blown out of proportion and turns into a drama movie.

I made a huge mistake by not doing that.

Good luck with everything, especially your finals. :)

atoona said...

yup yup focusing on exams is what i'll do! ;) o i'll put u on my waiting list for that tooth.. e7em ;p

Thaaaaaanxx girlie! glad u stopped by :)

Thaanks best of Luck to your finals tooo!!

Daddy's Girl said...

hmmm u know that gap hoodie u were talking about...?

with the four people u know having it?

i have it too... o i bought it from the mens section in Gap too :D

which adds to the number of things we have in common... now there r FIVE people you know with it hehehe :D

yalla go study!

Ni3Na3aH said...

ya super ya intay ;***
if i knew about this earlier i would have stopped talking kharabee6 on the phone o khaleetech tfathfetheen!!!!!;/
you are the sweetest person i've ever seen.. o ay a7ad yefhemech ghala6 hatha a7ad mayefham asasan ;)

Anonymous said...

Good luck for tomorrow :*

atoona said...

7elfayy! khalas u're my Gap hoodie buddy ;) OH OH and Guess what?! i just discovered your birthday is 1 Day before mine! lool.. are we Kool or what ;p

lol bL3ax 9ej u made my day!! o lo tshofeen wayhee kan extra metshageg! ee superrrr ;p

THANK yooo! hope we9altay bl salama.

Anony said...


sar fe eghneya :O i am superwomaan :O

Jouja™ said...

i want that undo button
its not just the i want it !!
I NEED IT specially those days
cuz i am so stressed and desperate and whats killing the most is that i have no idea why am i going through this !! its tearing me apart :(

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

I dont think u should even THINK about undoing anything..

they made u who u are today !