Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scrub iT !

Scrubbing-in and assisting in Theatre must have been the coolest experience ever...
yeah they were tiring long days and all, but atleast I got to know a hot McDreamy-ish surgeon!

He was so cool that while operating and drilling screws into bones, he bobs his head, singing along to "Grease Lightning.."  "Arr-Ess-Pei-Eee-See-Tee... " and sometimes he adds a little booty shake too.. haha ;p

and when he gets bored during the procedures, he asks us stupid jokes like "why did the chicken cross the road.." lol!

Don't get me wrong, the dude definitely knows what he's doing, and he makes a pretty darn good job at it too..

Who ever said that males can not multi-task?
well, maybe hot surgeons are just an exception ;p

He definitely made the experience more enjoyable.. and I Thank him for bringing a sense of humor into this somewhat brutal profession of his.

Unrelated fact of the day:
Don't accidently squirt toothpaste into your eye... it
hurts, trust me  :/



zwena said...


zwena said...


zwena said...

O THIIIIIIIIRD a7san anony 3ashan makhalelich mokan :P

Anony said...

booty shake :O

Anony said...

chan khatheetay sora ma3aay :P

i need proof! i want proof :P

zwena said...


ween al part ely gal feeh enich super woman :O

zwena said...

i second anony :P

atoona said...

Zawee & Anony
fee enough proof from my eyesss :P

Gee said...

ya7laila 7abaita ;p

A Journal Entry said...

wanasaaah green sheets and all! hehe kashkhaaa!

i like ppl who use different and fun ways in educating rather than the boring usual way.. it makes studying much more enjoyable!

Charmbracelet said...

Awww! thats cuute!

Charmbracelet said...
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SKITTLES said...

LOL love the doc!

and atoona, how on earth did you squirt toothpaste into ur eyes?!

atoona said...

bser3a yen7ab mo ;p

Journal E.
u're right o he did make it really enjoyable ;D

ee he Was actually :p hehe (a)

lol shdarany.. i was too sleepy to remember hoW ;p

Anonymous said...

haha he sounds too good to be true! how old is this guy?

why do we get all the old boring ones =( lifes not fair!

and about the toothpaste..bahahaha dude ur crazy! but i could totally imagine myself doing it too :P

Anonymous said...

AllAaaaaaah wanasa abi 3adi?

FourMe said...

ahh the sight of that room turns my stomach :/

he seems like fun!

may said...

salamaat your eyes! :P
lool he sounds like a nice doctor atoona ;)

atoona said...

he's in his 40's.. i'm sure you'll get to know some when ur on placements! if not then too baad, nyahahaa :P~~

taben sheno, toothpaste 9a7 ;Pp

i used to feel like that too, bs then ta3awadt!

Allah ysalmech!
misss yooou :***

Ruby Woo said...

its 12 AM and hathi ga3diti min i9ib7 so excuse my comment..

bas mafahamt.. what is he a doctor wela momathel? What's theatre?

atoona said...

The Woo
LOL! laaaaa.. hehe u think i work in Hollywood? :pP
Theatre is the operating room.. ya3ni where they do the operations, and ye hes a real doc ;D

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

3ad maaaa lgaitay ghair ma3jon asnan? :P...

Minty ha? ;p

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, lech we7shaa :*

atoona said...

Abi Omi
lol mo el minty-ness uhwa ely khasbagnee, haha.

awwww ;**
hope ur living it up back home ;)

eshda3wa said...

the first time i went into the theater i had to try really really hard not to throw up... that would have been BAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDD

atoona said...

lol ashwa that didn't happen!
and WB giiirrrL!