Thursday, April 02, 2009

Through My Window~

The sky is pitch dark, my spotlights are dimmed. Lounging lazily on my couch next to the windows.. Party of Five on TV, remote in my hand, laptop on the table, next to it a plate with bread crumbs and remnants of ketchup, beside it an empty mug with a wet green-tea bag.

My eyes are uncontrollably shutting as i feel sleepier and sleepier. The time? 1:34 am. Just thinking of all the things i gotta do before going to bed just made me want to stay on the couch slouching and doing nothing..

..thats when i heard a very very close noise going: 

My heart racing,.. scared to death, I look behind me and notice a figure of a Large man against my window!
He was attached to many ropes, with a helmet on his head and a sqweegee thing in his hand.
(bear in mind, i'm on one of the top floors of this building..)

My reflex action happened surprisingly fast.. i jumped out of my humble couch, moved the sheer white curtain accross and rushed to switch the lights off so that i wouldn't be 'exposed' with my lovely kesha bed-head and pj's on..

i ran away to hide in the room, but saw the other dude had jumped into the balcony to clean the other windows  :/

man, i was seriously freaked out!

who would do this in the middle of the night? what if i needed extra privacy.. Definitely not good to have a person looking into my place like that! at least have it done during daylight, and it wouldn't hurt to send out a stupid notice either.

it better be that my windows are squeaky clean right now.

unrelated chitchat:
* 4 more days and im hooome~    yipeee =)

* I can't stop listening to HALO.. (o0 lesh only Beyonce etshoof a Halo 3ala lawademha?! wallahh ;p )



Anonymous said...

KAAAAAAAAAAAAAK! ma 3ndich setayr?!

zwena said...

atoooooooooooooooon :(

ee walah sajaa sugii mafakart feha :P

o b3deen ako a7d enathef beliel :O etha 6aa7 :O

Dandoon said...

waaay i would've seriously freaked out!! ILMAFROOTH they send out notices..especially itha binathfoon windows ni9 illayl!! i'd have a word with the landlord if i were u..

Anonymous said...

atooona ta3alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :""(

btw ana zawe

atoona said...

ma graitay 3adel :P 3endy "sheer white cutains" ;p

madre 3anhum, laa may6e7on, emrabe6een eb alf 7abel:P

ee they should've sent out a notice.. well maybe they did, bs Ma we9alee. malee khelg adeg, 3endy emyat alf things to do in these couple of days..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ambaih scary!

esp if unexpected!

laa oo you live abraod ba3ad! wat if someone was doing know...private?! =S

Anonymous said...

is that him bel sij ?? i dont think so cause seb7 :P

Disturbed Stranger said...

Now that's frightening...
And hope you have a safe trip home!

Technogal said...

at night!and without notice? this is kinda freaky!

SKITTLES said...

LOL! y5ariii3 hatha!

mtv said...

It was serious freak

atoona said...

loool! 3yal it wouldn't be private ;p

la2 its not him.. Allah y3afy google pictures :)

Disturbed Stranger
glad to see you're back :)

there probably was a notice, bs it never got to me :/

e bl 9ej he was scarier cuz can hal pic min google ;p

yeah, especially if it's unexpected.

Oranjina fadidra said...

srsly holly crap!!

Daddy's Girl said...

Betyeen il q8?!?!??!

Wanasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D Welcome back home...

inama hal khbool shloon they are working at 1:30 am?

Wain sayra hathee????

You should have called the police for them... for one thing your landlord should have told you that this thing is happening... hathee UK mo jleeb il shyookh?!!!!

Missy said...

ana awal shay 3baali 7raamy!! Haha

Frenzy said...

atoona said...

u said it!

yup my flight's in 4 hours =D not fully packed yet :p
police? yumma lay7oshek ;p i checked with neighbors, o they were in fact an official widow cleaning company, but they just chose the wrong time.

lol, ee min chithy i freaked-out.. bs el7emdellah it wasn't.


Even Sweeter said...

i second dandon... lana i remember they used to sent out a notice ;s

and il7amdilla 3alasalama hun ;)

Squirreliya said...

hahahahaha so that is what u guys were talking about wana thay3a bel 6oosha @@ wa3alayaa sejj takhroo3a Allah ysami7hum!

agooool el7emdillah 3al salamaa???

Anonymous said...


dude you know what i wud do if that was me!! push himm off the edge LOL

thats crazy i swear!

welcome backk homeeee girll..nawaratt lkwait :D im expectingg you to be there at my lil blogger outing thing, missy!! *e7em e7em* :D

atoona said...

Allay ysalmech dear :*
im guessing the notice skipped my mailbox ;p

ee ee goolay! ana hunaaaa ;D

Dezert baalmzz
lol! yeah apparently they were that keen to clean the windows ;p it would've been quite entertaining to push him though ;p~ maskeen
lol men emutaa fe outing.. hehe sounds cool, we'll c ;p

eshda3wa said...


that must have been scary!

atoona said...

yeh, and a bit funny too ;p

FourMe said...

i would scream my head off :/

atoona said...

estatha Faheema ;p
mn el khar3a i didn't! knt met9arwe3a and laughing ;p

Anonymous said...

EE I know the feeling, chena galbich 6a7 ib ba6nich mo? :P Atwaqa3 9e7aitay 3adil after that. Yat ib wagt'ha!

Ruby Woo said...

Yumma, that's scary!

Why on earth would he clean the windows in the middle of the night?

atoona said...

elierubymo bas eb ba6ny, eb a9abee3 reyooly ba3ad.. hehe :P

The Woooi guess it's more entertaining for them to ye6eloon 3ala lawadem at night? :P