Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Day in a Life...

*7:30- alarm

*8:00- wake up

*9-12:30- tutorial + practical work

(lunch break)- home, pray, eat, Scrubs on TV

*2pm- 1st lecture.  (..quite interesting, he so looks like Seal)

*3pm- 2nd lec.   ( fella.. was spending ages explaining every annoying little insignificant detail!!)

*4pm- 3rd lec.     (..she had the lights off every 5 mins to see the slides more clearly.. gave me a chance to doze-off a bit)

*5pm- 4th lec.      ( this dude literally looks like a boney skeleton with flesh, i'm not kidding)

*6:15- i'm hoooooome =)

For almost 4 straight hours my poor toshi was sat in the same seat.. i didn't get up, not even once!

for the 1st lec, i was listening attentively. The fact that he looked like Seal was kinda amusing, i gotta admit ;p

It went down-hill from there... so to keep myself entertained, I started doodling the Exit sign.. which then expanded to doodling my view... i felt like a grounded kid, forced to stay in one place.

an here you go, an annotated doodle :p  ..

i was surprised my pen still had ink left :)

a fact that i clearly Do remember from yesterday though is that
'rana' in Latin means frog, and something about a swelling looking like a frog's belly.. we3 :/



Anonymous said...


min zemaan 3anich :(
ta3alay ana o person bel chat ga3deeen :P

al7een khal agraa

btw ana zawe :P

Anonymous said...


ambeeeeh 3ajeeebaaa
o allaah e3eenich 3ala hal jadwaaal :/

Fiona Person said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha walla ana same same :(

bas ana asakib (A) wa7da kilyoum fa ishwaya better ;)

I LOOOOVE the fact ure notebook is 3ala little mermaid .... i wear disney sweaters to jam3a (A) oo kilman :O kibraay

youcompleteme said...

ur classes at 2 .. laish you wake up at 8? LAAAAAISH! ;p
2nd of all .. your paint .. AMAZING MASHALLA! .. walla it's nice ..

Love ur blog ;* .. so .. ALIVE! ;D

Anonymous said...

loooool lovedd itt! i was actually doodling something myself ams during THE MOST boring lecture in the world..defintely not as good as this though..mashallahh!

and ur lil mermaid notebook is cuuuteee *pinches atoonas cheeks*

Anonymous said...

a7la ma fee il mawthoo3 little mermaid :D

I love the little mermaid, one of my favourite favourite characters...

and i love both ur doodles and ur hand writing !!! you should have become an artist instead ;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


its like youre describing my life ;)

except no one has ever taught me that looks like seal ;Pp

maybe ill post one of my doodles sometime..theyre a confused piece of art i tell ya ;Pp

atoona said...

Zawee.. ta7t shak9eyyat Anony ;p
ee kellesh mo khosh, bs i've learned to live with it :)

malech sheqel feehum, wear ur disney sweaters with proud! .. o0 stop skipping class ;p

lol, laaa dawam started at 9! awwwh, thanks for the sweet words dear :) *blushes*

ouch my cheeks :p there's gona be more boring lecs coming your way, believe me! think of me when u doodle ;Pp

me and the disney store are close friends ;)
artist?? wow, thats a big compliment! i don't think i'm that good tho.. khaleeni 3ala rotten teeth a7san ;p

Lol! yeah. days like that can be very inspirational for many kids of doodles :P Eeee post them, i wana see! (when you're officially back, that is ;)

eshda3wa said...

i love how u wake up half an hour after ur alarm rings

Fiona Person said...

afffaaaaa 3alaych ;)
im always proud :D
not only do i wear it as sweaters i have it as my pencilcase my books bags and and and...... (A)

Anonymous said...

ur note 3ala little mermaid :O

hahahahaha :P

ana teh real anony :P

Zeecu said...

ello, first time commenter here to share the following totally unrelated note:

I absolutely love the 'fiftypeopleonequestion' concept, great catch.

atoona said...

gives me enough time to atmaqa6 m3a the news updates and the weather forecast bl background :P

intayyy 3ajeebah! ;)

TEH Real Anonyy
ee ana wayed kashkhaaa mo ;p

thanks for stopping by :)
yeah i love it too, brilliant idea,I see it as a form of art.

Ni3Na3aH said...

aah ranula!

3aliya said...

I LOOOVE TIC TAC strawberry flavor!!;p

Gee said...

atooon, walla lech mgaga ;p

atoona said...

lol, u get an A+ ;)

since when fee Strawberry flavor?! i'm So gonna try it, thx!

hatha men el malal o0 min gargat eldekatra ely ma tkhale99 ;p

Anonymous said...