Monday, March 02, 2009

Only In a Woman's World!

Its a new mini web series about 4 girls, each Unique with her own personality..

I just saw the first couple of episodes.
they are very short, but funny and worth taking a short break from a hectic day to watch ;)

I just Love 'em!

click here to watch the trailer:

enjoy =)


still can't sleep...  so I joined Um Rakan  to "be one of the girls" by making an avitar.

and this is what we got:


Um Rakan                  Me



Anonymous said...

loool looks funny! im gona wach the rest right now ;p

and i cant sleep either !! =/ ooff stupid insomnia!

Anonymous said...

btw lovin the bunny waabbit slippers ;p

zwena said...

yah yah yah atoona the queen :P

bs latshofech bobo :P

A Journal Entry said...

heheh wayd 7ilo!

Aurous said...

I only watched a few minutes of it cuz it's taking forever to load...

but even those few minutes are really funny :)

I'll watch the rest later enshallah :D

atoona said...

insomnia.. tell me bout it!
ee eshawgoon mo;p

Lo0l... etshaysheen ;p
khalss ana princess.. ehya lail7een elqueen (sema3tay Beee?) ;p

glad you enjoyed it ;)
btw, i still love ur dp!

they're only a few minutes long anyway.. so u didn't miss much.. enjoy watching the rest! :)

Ruby Woo said...

hahahaha the bunny slippers are too cute for words!

Music, Happiness, Love said...

allah it looks cool i wanna watch it!

Silver said...

LOOL i saw a clip 7adda funny!

cant wait to start watching it..

shoosha said...

mita ib tarsemeeni mithel ma resamty anony oo zawee :(

min yooomha wana moo gadra anam 3adel tara...

killish mani 3ayyara

eshda3wa said...

ooh will check it out !

zwena said...


weenich :(

atoona said...

the Woo
ee, i soo agree ;p

e watch it!

9ajja they are! bs 7asafa a bit short.

Lol..eLLa 3ayarah o0 ne99!
ne6ray rezgech khan aftak mn hal emte7an o ashof:pP

you'll like it ;)

kent busy ma3a el essay :/

Oranjina fadidra said...

woman's world wneeeees :p

zwena said...

Soso makhtha break esboo3 o entay mekhtafya o person 9ayra matyee wayed :(

Wana broo7e :(

zwena said...

Yalla good luck :)

atoona said...

ee 9ajjah ;D

finally khalast examy elyom! =D
*pats zaweee's bak* khalas mama its ok, ana weyaach! ;**

Anonymous said...

tooona misssssssssssss you girl!

atoona said...

aww <3
missed ya too~ yala im waiting 4 my holiday soqa ;p

Daddy's Girl said...


now i can view ur blog without trojans :D

atoona said...

Wohoow! glad it worked ;)

J o u J a™ said...

i love them =D
i have one as well u can see it on my facebook =D

atoona said...

ee 3ajeebeen mo.. bs Allah yhadahum lail7een ma nazilaw other websodes :/

Anonymous said...