Monday, January 05, 2009

Honesty Award Tag

Theres an Honesty Award being passed around to certain bloggers.. i've been tagged by Balqees and Anony.  ;*

The Rules:
a) list 10 things about yourself- make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
b) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the Honesty Spirit.

  1. I unintentionally advertise products/ideas I love, which is why I'm sometimes referred to as a walking da3aya.
  2. i like my pizza with EXTRA pizza sauce.
  3. I don't know why, but sometimes I make a sound/noise when i stretch or reach over to pickup something.. I can't really type it out, but it kinda sounds like "uumba" in a The Grudge sound way.
  4. I can not stand watching someone struggling really hard to get their shoes on, it annoys me a lot, so i look away.
  5. Whether its building a piece of furniture, dealing with electric wires, or using a screw driver, Im always up for the challenge. to me it's like giving a kid candy!
  6. Whenever a use of a map is involved, say a theme park or a new city, I'm usually the Guide.. yeah i love maps that much :)
  7. I hated Minnie Mouse, pink, and Barbies as a kid. I liked Mickey, red, and gadget toys instead.
  8. Sometimes I take the Ju7a long way home when i'm driving just to enjoy the peacefulness while listening to Easy 92.5
  9. I love sitting with Old people, and i like sewalefhum.
  10. I procrastinate uni work a lot, which is the reason i did this tag!.. yeah yeah i'll get back to Derasa after posting this!

I choose to Tag...
nemo, technogal, ni3na3ah, danderma, Gee, sugii, 3e9art mukhee o i can't think anyone else that isn't tagged already, so whoever wants to do it, consider yourself tagged by me :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah when i get excited about somethin i keep promoting it for some reason, i gotta stop that!

zwena said...


5 o 7 7adaa mee :P

yallaa studyyyyyyyyyyyy

best of LUCK :D

Anonymous said...


Music, Happiness, Love said...

lool i laughed at num 4;p

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 3ad today i was struggling to get my boots on :P loool

i like sitting with old ppl too :D

A Journal Entry said...

omg i was gonna mention #1 in my 10 points!!!

abaih ma tadreen eshkithir asawiq 7ag il shay chinna i'm the owner of it!! hehehe athkir eshkithir ga3adt asawiq 7ag downy enna ohwa alf marrah a7san min comfort illy my mom galatly shino ohma emashoonlich ma3ash 3shan tgooleen hal 7achy?!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i do #8 every single day!

i love driving! =D

Technogal said...

5 is so me :) but didn't mention it in my tag :)
Love your honesty :) and thanks for the tag ;)

atoona said...

if the companies knew about our promoting-ness they'd go over the roof!

oh zaweee madre lesh kella takhayatlech a Barbie person.. hehe 3ashat ely nafsy ;)
thx! inshallah adress, bs khay yekhale9 my break ;p

Awwww.. yallah enjooy the TaaG! wna see ur answers :)

hehe, wala i don't have an explanation for it :P

etha chithee 3yal intay 7aala kha9a, u dont annoy mee ya anony :P ee 3ayayez ewansoon, mo!

A Journal Entry..
LOL! ma tenlam ur mom..et9adgeen wallah yabeelhum ya36oona nesba min arba7 the things we promote! :P oo btw, i always thought Comfort was good, bs al7een bakheth na9ee7tch ajareb Downy ;)

allah, so relaxing.. 6reej elb7ar ;)

uw!.. *goes to chek ur answers out* ;)

Gee said...

allaaaaaaaaah .. i do the ju7a way ba3ad .. bs i prefer highways .. ma7eb el ba7ar ;p

thnx for tagging me :p

Gee said...

ambeeh wait .. tawni agra #5
I LOVE U .. i thought that im the only one :p

Anonymous said...

mittttt the7ek 3ala number one!

i share number five with you

Ni3Na3aH said...

2- e 9a7;p o sa3at el waiter ye6la3 wa7ed mayeftehem o y7e6lech bolognese sauce;p
5- soooo true....!!! people should use this to bond with you;p
8- you take ju7a way because you're not aware that there is a shortcut;p
11- you miss me as much as i miss you;p

S E 7 E N said...

6) hahahaha i don't know why but this reminded me of the episode in friends when they went to London for ross's wedding oo joey wanted to go out in London 7a6 il map on the ground oo stood on it trying to figure where to go wahahahahahaha

Coconut said...

me too i hated barbies.. i was crazy about the ninja turtles.. dad bought me the costume once, i spent weeks wearin it everywhere! until mom got rid of it :'(

Ruby Woo said...

7ayatich kelha derasa?

hehe I used to make my Barbie and Ken kiss..

atoona said...

hehe ee 3ajeeb el sh3or when ur fixing ashya2 chithee mo!

ee wallah la she3oreyan eb sewalfy i find my self doing that, haww ;P

LOL! ya3ni qa9eb you twist my point, etha agdar o9al dewar elsharaton ma3nata gmt adeLL ;P khaysa i Do miss u!

ee that episode was hilarious! a7la shay we can relate absolutely everything in life to FRIENDS ;)

shakhbaree ninja turtles! lol @ ur mom ;p my fav. was Donatello.

Ruby Woo
shasawee.. exams in jan, feb, march, and june :/
lool @ barbie n ken! we never had Kens eb baitna ;p

SKITTLES said...

I so hate procrastination! but i cant stop doing it :$

Anonymous said...

zawee o the barbie person! ghal6anaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .. zawe was the gun perosn lool :P

shloonech shakhbaarech ?? men zemaan 3anech shloon el derasa??

atoona said...

i wish there was a cure ;p

ee 9aja mnzmaan.. walla its going alright Thanx:**

atoona said...

i wish there was a cure ;p

ee 9aja mnzmaan.. walla its going alright Thanx:**

Anonymous said...

5 + 6 is sooo me! lool

atooon get back to studyinggg young laddyyy!! ;p

Anonymous said...

shloon el derasa???

yalla weeen rasmatna :(

atoona said...

etslem 3aleech :P

emte7any 3gub bacher.. Allah yaster ;/

obout el rasma, i already hav the idea 4 it! bs khan atfarragh.
ed3eely :**

zwena said...

atooon <3

atoona said...

awww zaweeeee <3 u bak ;)