Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jet Lagged?


Happy 2009 everyone!

( o im on a serious Study Break this time ;p  )

very quiet house,
jet legged, 
couldn't sleep,
taking a long look at her books,
and atoona decides to do this:



Music, Happiness, Love said...

first comment
yay lets read!

Music, Happiness, Love said...

ur so good! did u really draw that?

A Journal Entry said...

mashallah ur talented =)

desertpalms said...

wow the 1st one 3ajeeeeb! Mashallaah =)

3anooda said...

very VERY impressive

SKITTLES said...

allaaaaaah! I liiiiiike :-o

zwena said...


yah yah yah atoona mawaheeeeb

yala resmeni ana o anony :P

Anonymous said...

u did this !!!


*etsafeg 7ag atoona*

cooooooooooooool :D

atoona said...

There wasn't much to read, hehe.
yeah i did draw it :)

a Journal Entry
u realy think so? thanks!

Thanx! glad u likked it :D

impressive? yay :)

thanks, i like ur new DP btw! ;)

thaaaaanx =)
arsemech o anony?! hmmm, madre if i can.. ok i'll try bs abee sample pic.. aw at least look-alike celebrity!

*ethez her shoulders 3ala el9afga*
ee i did, bs wala ma darait i'd get that reaction frm pple.

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL laa atoona men ur imagination :P .. how do u think we look like :P .. bs ahaam shay we have curly hair :P

sHAIKHA said...

yeetech 6aaaayra eb khaimte o makhadetey
tara banam 3endech e3jebatne elmelody belbackround.. 3asa 3endech mokan bas? loooool ;p

Balqees said...

LOL i;m jet lagged too :S and its been over a week :S

and ur drawing very nice mashallah

Gee said...

mashalla .. 7bait el yahel eli ga3ed e6el :p

Anonymous said...

the first one is very nice.. 3aisheen eb romancya :P
or it seems like he wants to push her into the lake.

Anonymous said...

madre lash kil ma afta7 ur blog ye6la3li virus didactive @@

atoona said...

3ash el curly hair!
ok, i'll draw it as a reward for studying, fa it may take a while ;)

7ayaaaachAllah, min my @@, asaweelech mkan offa 3alech.. enjoy da melody ;)

oola ur jetlag 6awwal, jet lagged and not blogging, hmm i wonder wat u were up to ;p

thaaanks, i got the idea from a book cover ;)

lol agoolek shay? they are both men (wearing hats), i hope thers no romanceya there ;p bs 3jabny ur imagination.

Balqees said...

i'm up all night with my sisters watching movies :P
i know i'm jet lagged its their problem :P LOL

desertpalms said...

*ive just got ur blog open in the background and listening to the music*

just thought id let you know ;p LOOOOOL

J o u J a™ said...

wow you truly did that
mashallah you really are talented
you must show us your work more often sweets

desertpalms said...

*DePa has just discovered the pacman gamee*

ur bloggggggggggggggg 7addaaa WANAAASAAA! games AND music..wt more can i want?

im so hyper right now its nt even funnyyyy looool

Technogal said...

Mashallah amazing panting :)

atoona said...

hehe, ya7lailkum.. hope they were good movies!

awww estanast!
ashwa my blog is a good host, even when im not there ;p
its hard to get a highscore in that pacman game! maybe the holiday spirit=hyperness 4 u ;P

thaaanks sweeite :*
if i do some more i'll post em ;)

i'm happy u like it :D bs i used pencil ;)

zuz said...

i loveee drawing o painting o kel shy! u have a nice hand!

Anonymous said...

eeee el le3ba sa3ba madre laish !! .. o wen el akil !! shlon akl!

Ruby Woo said...

heheh adorable

atoona said...

thanx, i just saw your drawings and i see Talent!!

Offa 3alech el akel mawjood! just choose anything min 6alabat.com, el 3azeema 3alai ;)

The Woo
aww thaanx dear :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

me likey =D

Charmbracelet said...

very very cuute!=* I love it =)

zwena said...

am waitting for the update :P

wenich matbayneen i miss u :(

atoona said...

glad u liked it =)

yay Thaanx :*

hala bl Zain! miss ya too, been busy bl deera o now im back to reality ;/

Technogal said...

Happy New Year atoona ^__^

Anonymous said...

haw shfeech kent atkalam 3an el le3ba :P lool

yah yaah el sha6ooratadres men nafs'ha :P

shakla no plans :( ;P

yala best of luck :D

etha te7tajeen moraqaba wala 7anna u know were to fine me :P lool

Anonymous said...

wee break

ethaa wedich takhtheen break min breakich ta3aly chat ruby :P

btw ana zawe :P

atoona said...

Thanks dear, Happy 2009 right back @ ya ;)

ee 9rt sha6ora (a) ;p
THaankss ee 3ad u'll always be the best Muraqeba ever ;)

kl hatha kesal, malech khelg u sign in :P
al7een a6el 3alaikum ;)

zwena said...

atoona sawena el ehdaa'a weenich masema3tee :(

Ni3Na3aH said...

Happy new year 7abeebty ;*****
hope we9altay bilsalamah xxx

Anonymous said...


khalas mo elaaa

akhaaf u miss it TA3ALAAAAAAAAY !!

atoona said...

Allah ysalmech! ee o its freeeeezing cold!
Sana sa3eeda 2 u too! ;****

Balqees said...

study break
3leeeeeeena yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuba :P
eee goli anony 5la9 zahgtk :P
3adi 3adi gooli :P

good luck dear :D

Anonymous said...

i Love the drawing......!!!!

atoona said...

3ad Anony?? 7araam 3aleech.. trab6een 3a9a3e9 haa:P
g'luck 2 u too! o enjoy as much of home as u can cuz its notsofunny freeezing here!!

Thaanx!! glad u did :)