Saturday, December 13, 2008

SUNSHINE when she's up!

I've had this life-long obsession with all sorts of gadgets, and when I discovered THIS, I Knew I HAD to own one.

Walking up to the simulated sunrise with the BBC News radio channel volume slowly increasing is just great. Its Soo satisfying to wake up in the morning, not only energized by the SUN-rise Light, but also being AWARE of what's going on in the world!
okay, I know most of the 'news' i hear is when i'm half asleep, but at least during the day when people talk about local/world events, it triggers my memory and i'm like "yeeeaahh I heard that in the news this morning"

Something else this baby is really good @ is relieving symptoms of the Winter Blues.

With the very lovely (e7em..depressing!) winter days over here, we HARDLY get any sun! There's literally only about 7 hours of daylight perday!   <-- yet another reason why i can't wait to jump on the plane back home!

The timing of the sun is actually used by our Bodies to regulate different things such as our Mood, Sleep, Waking up, Digestion, Energy levels, etc.. What i'm trying to say is because the sun here is so messed-up in the winter, I get messed up too! and THAT my people is when we are labeled as having SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)  <-- like we need another disorder in our life, lol!

So by using this cool gadget, our bodies get the right type of Light, producing energetic hormones and stopping the bad withdrawal ones, making us sleep better at night and feel super-dee-duper during the day   ;D

the sun is rising............

since i've started using it, I DO feel more energetic! it works, and i just Love it  =)

isn't that one of the greatest inventions or what?!



zwena said...


khal agra :P

zwena said...

yebeli w7da from secret santa :P

Anonymous said...

ana mafahamt :(

atoona said...

offa 3aleech ayeeblech wa7da o intay yebely my secret santa (storm:P)

its an alarm clock that wakes u up with the light, ya3ni yeqalled el sun ;)

Balqees said...

ana 5air shar wei armi my alram clock coz mz3ej aom ashtri wa7d o fee noor b3d LOOL

anta7r :P


zwena 7abibity ma fee secret santa :P

atoona said...

Queen B
LOL! nooor is goood, better thrn ur snooze button, donchya think ;P

Gee said...

well, my window 9arlaha 2 years yemken bdon barda .. mali 5elg aroo7 anagi :p

so i get the neutral light :p

eshda3wa said...

i dont know abt the artificial sun, but i always sleep with my tv 3ala cnn :)

Nemo said...

sounds really cool!!!

Cloudy Stars said...

love it!:)

atoona said...

zain tsaween, natural light wayed a7san!

ya7lailech, i bet u dreams revolve around world events ;)

yeah get one, its cool 8)

Cloudy Stars
glad u liked it =)

MeeMzZ said...

that is sooooo 3jeeeeeeeb!!;p

Music, Happiness, Love said...

mm no thanks let me first wake up with a normal alarm

Ni3Na3aH said...

akeed betfakreen bshaghlat chethe wagt el derasah.. ;p
bs wallah cool!

J o u J a™ said...

mmm yabeeela wallah ;p

3anooda said...

thats so cool - i want one al7een - im sooo not a morning person

atoona said...

ee it izz :)

lol, kellesh ur not a morning person, eh :P

waah thakarteeny bl derasa..
e 'hal shaghlaat' keeps me going :P

e wayed a7san mn alarm elmobile, mo.

get one, it helps :)

Anonymous said...

niiice gadget! especially when we're so lacking in sunshine

bas elyouuum shy 3ajeeb, i woke up to the most fabulous sunshinee..THE first time in like months its been a sunny dayy..i hope i dont *jinx* itt!

Aurous said...


a7san mn 3l2a8al tgomeen merta7a :D

Anonymous said...

ween mekhtafya malech 7es

atoona said...

lol yeah i look fwd to out once a month sunshine! hope u enjoyed it while it lasted :P

ee 9ajja.! bs 4 important events an9a7 elmobile for backup just incase ur too merta7a o treden tnameen :P

halaww.. i was busy shobbing shobbing waray safra in 3 days wohooow!

Anonymous said...

shraiteeli shay (A) :P

Mar8adoosh said...


نقوشيه said...

it's the gr8est ever ! =D
7di wanna get it

atoona said...

ee, ask zawee i helped her w/ secret santa :P

emgaddam ;)

u won't regret it ;)

SHAIKHA said...

weeehh mabaghaina en7asel alarm eyra3e she3orna!!
tathkeren elalarm elqadeem ele literally two metal bells ring when its 6 am? hefff ma3a elaasaf jeele ele taraba 3ala eed hal mojrema ;p