Friday, February 13, 2009

Um-Rakan Owes ME!

A conversation about how i would NOT be able to live without my laptop became a dare...
well, i kinda needed a push to stop the distractions and start filling my lovely brain~ with some wonderful, useful information for my luckiest ever Friday the 13th exam!

At first, I seriously had withdawal symptoms.. i mean, being away from the internet by choice is SO much harder.. but after a while, i was surprisingly feeling okay with it.. except I was really missing my bloggers, and their posts  :'(

and guessss WhaT?
as of right now, I Officially WON the bet!! WoHoooooWW!

Here's to my technology independence!
me, Atoona, was able to live 10 days with-out the use of MY laptop, any computer, or any internet for that matter!

that's 1 whole week and three days people!

Now a really special... (and maybe a little bit MEAN ;p) person owes me a HANDWRITTEN real life letter sent all the way from across the globe! ... with a real STAMP on it  =D

42 new e-mails.. and god knows how many posts to catch up on... gotta go read, and thanks for those who commented on my last post.. i'll reply after posting this ;)

(pic by xDimax)


Anonymous said...


zwena said...


Anonymous said...

ahahahahah zawe gablech :P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

entay shuja3a ;)

i can never live without my laptop, even if i wanted to =(

desertpalms said...



*round of applause*

glad the test went weeeell! nshallaah u get 100% ! we all missed youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Ni3Na3aH said...

wallah kebartay!!!!;p

A Journal Entry said...

wallah 3afya 3alaich!
i could never stay that long without a connection!

Nemo said...

10 days!!! thats too long!

Aurous said...

10 days?!!!
you're a hero :)

Music, Happiness, Love said...

i wud never be able to do that!
even though i have a huuuge exam tomoro im on my laptop;/

atoona said...

sebagtay zawe? lech ja2eza :)

ma3aleh, nxt time tasbegenha ;p

i was repeating kelmat shuja3a shuja3a shuja3a shuja3a, elkelma etha7ek:P
yay 9ert shuja3a!

i can only dream of that 100% !
*bows @ the applause*

e kebart o 9ert SHuja3ah! :P

i thought that too, bs i DiD it :D

Beleive me.. it iS!

shuja3ah and hero? wanasa, this is s bigger accomplishment than i thought :P

Hope You'll rock that exam!!

Anonymous said...

ana 7a6amt ra8mech :P
13 days !! (a)

w.b :D

umm, u can say , new reader :P

shoosha said...

*ta9feeq 7aar*

Technogal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Technogal said...

Atoona, mashallah 10 days without using your laptop! :) for me this its huge!

but you know what? good for you, your study is much important.

atoona said...

allaahh y9afgoonleee :D

lol, ya it was HUGE :P
cute duckie;)

Ali said...

sure you can, but can you stay away from your mobile :p

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