Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I just got back from Switzerland a few days ago, had to visit a family member for the weekend.
6ab3an i'm gonna ignore the stupid ma6ar incident that made me feel like a Criminal.. its not positive, won't do me any good to remember it.

Otherwise, it was amazing. The last time i've been there was in 1994!
Its so weird to see the same exact places you remember as a child. Wallah my heart was fluttering, it was like I rode a time machine o now i'm a grown-up!

I can't really say much, i'll let the pics speak most of the words:

That was the view from the airplane before landing in Geneve.. abad, exactly like Leq8 :p

In Lausanne, we used to spend a lot of time feeding the ducks 'expired' khubiz. the place didn't change, even the ducks looked the same.

Very yummy, take my word for it!

Cute tiny birdies, 
feeding them some of my fries, even though other fry-eaters weren't so happy ;p

We walked by Cathedral Notre-Dame. I would've loved to go inside, but it was too late. It wow-ed me to see something that lasted more than 700 years! Makes you think of others that lived in that time and how their life was like. Sub7anallah.

one last thing,
sheftaw shloon tharbeen? 7atta el trash ewad3ona :P

bye :)



Anonymous said...

alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hathee deerti bss e7na we stay 9ob germany!! i loveeeeeeeeee it and miss it..... 9ij ityaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!! the perfect place to RELAX

A Journal Entry said...

allah 3alaich bil3afya! =)

Anonymous said...

shwagteeni 3ala el fries 7ada shakla yshahe !!

abi fries .. i cant eat :(

zwena said...

pic 4 wooooooow mashalah 3ajeba

glad u had fun :)

i dont remember swiss :(

aTooNa said...

9ajja wallah, 3ad i needed to clear my mind a bit. dam ena u miss it so much, el mukan ysalem 3alaich :P

Allah y3afeech!

awww, yallah kelha fatra basee6a and u'l be able to eat fries and more! when i had my thers el 3agel taken out, 7a6ooli machboos deyey bl khalaaa6, chenna baby food, bs it was still good :P.

thanx girlie!
ma wa9eech sawee 7ag anony yummy fries when she heals ;)

MeeMzZ said...

ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLAH THE DUCKS OR SWANS ARE AMAAZZZZING!!;P i never seen a swan in real life!! and about the trash can LOOOOL!!;P

Anonymous said...

i love the photo of the sun shining on the lake..really beautiful!

kinda looks like brighton, a lill bit..but with mountains! mmm im craving fish and chips now..'gona go down to me local pub and grab me some' *cockney accent*

aTooNa said...

haha, ur right their SWANS! wee etha 3refaw i called them ducks ra7 e3a9boon :P

omg shakhbaree Brighton, we used to go there a lot.
lol @ accent! i read ur post and now im craving everything edible!

Coconut said...


Music, Happiness, Love said...

lool aham shay the garbage can;p

Fastidious Babe said...

looks like a great breather! x

Ruby Woo said...

Malait minha, I've been going there ever since I was a kid! I stopped going in the past 2 years..

atoona said...


yeh i just had to take a pic of it!

Fastidious Babe
it definitely was :)

Ruby Woo
its beautiful and reminded me of my childhood.. give it a couple of yrs and i bet u'll miss it ;)

Dandoon said...

awww i miss switzerland mashiba3t in the summer!:( after i go shopping i always buy a couple of bread rolls at the train station wanzil ib montreux and find a secluded spot by the lake and feed the ducks/birds it is SO soothing o mantharhum 7ada iyshawig and it always cheers me up! o lama iykhali9 il9amoon shilt gashi o radait iltrain station aroo7 baitna:p i really hope inroo7 bil3eed!

glad u had fun;) 3ad it was snowing ib lausanne min cham yowm!

Mrs. said...

i love the swiss!! Re7t this year for a short ski trip in Sas Fee oo it was the most amaaaaaaaaaaaazing thing i did in 10 years! Alaah wanasa u made me feel all nostalgic all over again ;/

atoona said...

Allah shawagteeni zyada.. i so wanna go back now! we need that peaceful feeling once in a while. hope u do go for 3eed ;)

cool! yeah skiing is so fun :D its so worth the 'tekesser' feeling afterwards ;p

Mar8adoosh said...

il7amdila 3ala isalama:)

eshda3wa said...

glad u had funn

atoona said...

Allah ysalmech! :)

Thanks girlie :)

Ni3Na3aH said...

aaaah im shocked ldarajah inee magarait el post gabil ma3aleQ;p
u go me no know u go;p ya3ny arabe wawakil o aghany gabl matnameen o akher shay tro7en min wara thahry...
inzain khal agra el post o ared a3aleQ;p

Ni3Na3aH said...

aaaaah im jealous!!!!!!
nice picat o glad u had fun ;****
bas one thing...
''even the ducks looked the same''
hmmm did u expect them to change??;p

atoona said...

"araby, awakel, aghany.." LOOOOOOOOOOL!!
wana agool laish el7anna 6aaakhaa hal ayaam ;P~

thank you!
e elducks ma 6ala3lehum taja3eed :P

libero anima said...

I loooove it there ! Hope u had fun =D