Friday, December 18, 2009

Put a ring on it..

I'm hooked-up on GLEE..!!!
(more about it here and here)

Too bad there's only 13 episodes so far :/

To be honest, I expected it to be a bit corny and not that good.. but its the Total opposite!!

It's very random, yet so funny, and of course love the songs and choreography!


Here's sneak peak of 'Glee Club' in action, singing "Don't Stop Believin":

PS. episode 4 is my fav, so far  ;p

Fact of the Day:..

when technology and stupid mistakes increase stress levels, causing the feeling of wanting to pull-out every single hair on your head.... just uplift your spirit, singing along to GLEE soundtrack songs.. and the world is all good !



eshda3wa said...

i love it too !

Anonymous said...


UmRakan said...

wai3 wai3 technology glitches are the most unmerciful backstabbing kinds of errors bhal denya

GLEE betkhaleene ashoofaaaa

mrayty said...

Shino glee? :(

Anony said...

yet another post Nu

Ma asadeeeeeeeeeeg
um rakaaaaaaaaan @@ @@

atoona said...

Woohooow :D

another Glee fan!

eee, Lazem.. its not a choice!
u'll lov it :p

it's a fun new series.. i'll add a link in the post for you!

mo Nu! 1212 ;P
ee shefteehaaa @@ pshsht 3alaiihaa ;p

moohy said...

You thought it would turn out lame, 3aib I recommended it, and I knew you'd love it XD

atoona said...

i was being honest :P
and u were spot on, i loved it :D

Fajoorie™ said...

i really love glee and i cant wait to watch season 2 :)

SheWaShi said...

3ajiebaa il song .. bss shofy film the losers fe part from the song bss its funny .. i will post it in my blog when i come back home :P

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