Sunday, November 15, 2009


Its already Time... 
..for the christmas/Holiday season craze  ^_^

My favorite part of the year...
..when colorful lights Flash and Dance along, decorating the streets...

But the Best part of all...
.. The very yummy  freshly-made NuteLLa Crepes  <3  

On a completely different note:

LucoZade is some Powerfull stuff!!
it keeps you extra extra dangerously alert... and it only comes in a small 60 ml bottle.
it got me through a heck of a lot of cramming before an exam lool...
I wouldn't regret drinking it for the world, haha.. but seeing its crazy effects, I can actually class it as a "Dangerous Drug" ! 

Fact of the day:
Shine the light and send it on...



Anony said...

mythera lo u mention me 9a7?

A Journal Entry said...

yummmm nutella crepes.. 3alaich bil 3afya!

Glitter said...

Love the Chrismas lights :D

Anonymous said...

sooo beautiful ! yummmyy nutella!

eshda3wa said...

7ade i wana travel xmas break!

atoona said...

mention you making the nutella for me mathalan? :P

Journal E.
Allah y3afeeech!
*hands over a crepe*

mee too, they make the streets sparkle ;D

yummy it iss!

ee you should! its a lovely time :)

Technfreak said...

a7la wagt blsfr bl x-mas elyom 3ad asolf 7q rfegty
7ady weeedy aby asafer bhalwagt

wl nutella 7ada yummy :D

Anony said...

ya3ni kntay tegderen etgolen ayshay :@

dont.dwell01 said...

omg omg i know where thats is!!!!!!

a7la shay il german market oo lama they light up the centre

woeddioe said...

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