Thursday, October 08, 2009

Magic Candy <3

* dusts off the 'ghbaar' from Bloggy *

Seems like forever since I last posted, thought it was about time I wrote something!

Life's been busy with...    with...  i don't know what exactly.. but just plain busy.. 'raktha, raktha' :/

I know this years gona fly by like a rocket ship, I just hope I can hold on tight and try to enjoy the ride.

Here's to the sweet things in life, 
Here's to the sweet people in life, 
Here's to yummy candy. . . 

Oh, and have some cookies while at it ;p

Fact of the Day:
i'd do anything for a pair of Fly Jumpers.. check out the vid!




zwena said...

Here's to you and stupid barbara :P

U better hold tight @@ e7na bs namshe o ensharelich @@

zwena said...

A7sanlich matfashlena o fe ultimate surprise b3d am working on it @@ bs ymkn mateshte6en 3aleha nafs mashta6eteni 3ala fekrete al3abqareya :@

skittles said...

cookiiiiies! yumm

I have flying heals. muahahaha

Journal Entries said...

i really like il 7alaw bu throos illi mawjood bil 2nd pic.. i want some =/

Anonymous said...

Ahh I miss you!!!!

atoona said...

LooL!! msaicheena hal barbara.. lo tadre 3an 7ubech el shadeed laha ;p

they are yummy!, one of the best i've tried :)
FLying heals.. yumma.. sounds cool tho :P

Journal E.
3ad it smells really really nice and tastes good too! ma yeghla 3alaiich ;)

mee too! :D loong timee, ur back right?

Anony said...

u know what to do :P

o btw we have it at home ;)

atoona said...

sheno ely u have @ home? el Fly Jumpers :O ?
o lesh ma jarabteee?!!!

eshda3wa said...

7ade i want cookies!

Butterfly Chick said...


abee cookiessss :(

BTW nice blog =D

Khalid said...

abeeee shawagteenaaa!!!! ;p

atoona said...

3ad they're really yummy.!.. from some place in alKout ;D

Butterfly Chick
cookies are all urs!
thaaanks ;p

glaad u liked them ^_^

Anony said...

bedaal on the time on yyoutube enshalah u post more often

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