Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ramathan Kareeeeeem..

Were am i? in the middle of my ro0m, surrounded by piles and piles of stuff to pack.

What i'm confused about? the difference between what i need to bring, and what i don't want to leave behind so it wont be "borrowed" (and that means never returned :P)

What am i thinking?

my filght to heathrow is tomorow morning.. i wish i could just close my eyes and get there.. kellish im not bothered to go through 5 hr flight + 2 hr train.

I just hope this academic year goes well.. and by this i mean that i will be on top of my studies, and never let anything pile up! (a promise i make every year, and still maange to break every time! :P)

Because of the Lovely early start of uni, the only 'Kuwaiti Ramathan' i'll be tasting in years is a couple of hours in the morning.. mara7 al7ag 3al tashreeba =(

aneewayy, gta go stock up on contact lenses and buy final jam3eya stuff.

Happy Ramathan Everyone! o0 embarak 3alaikum el shakhaR! o0 Kel 3am wentaw eb Khaiiir!


ARTFUL said...

مبارك عليج الشهر


J o u j a™ said...

awwww 7abeebty
awal shi allah ywafgich bel derasa ya rab :*

o inshallah to9leen bel salama ,, inshallah when u get back endlzich tashreeba b3d amray tedlaly ;p

3leena o 3leech sweets :*
la tg63een 3ad u will be missed .

Charmbracelet said...

aaw:( r u gna be able to blog a little?
we'll miss u !
have fun w alla ewafgich;)

Squirreliya said...

aww good luck dear ..mbarak 3alaich elshahar ;)

Mar8adoosh said...

mbarak 3alaich ishahar ;D

atoona said...

3alaina o0 3alaich(k?)

Thankyooo 7abeebty!
:D Ya Bakhteeeee JouJa 6abkhatlee tashreeebaa! *ba6in growls*

Thaaanks :)
ee inshallah i'll be able to..
bs yemkin ma ag3ad 24/7 3al c-box, lol ;p

Thanks dear o0 3alaina o 3alaich =)

3alaina o0 3alaich!

Anonymous said...

Mbarak 3alaich elshahar:)

k town said...

mbarak 3alaich il shahar

inshalla ull do well this year

S-Q8 said...

mbarak 3lech el shahar..
o all the best with your studies...
mawa9eech..always whiten my face;p
o 3ash el vimto;)

atoona said...

3alaina o0 3alaich :)

3alaina o0 3alaich... Allah yesma3 menech!

Thankyoo.. offa 3alaich bazaheb el sanfara o fair n lovely :P

rencontrer Pauline said...

mbarek 3leej shahar:) still wonder why we mostly drink vimto durin ramadan @@

atoona said...

3alaina o0 3alaich!
shftay shlon eb christamas yesreboon wine?.. e7na bermethan neshrab vimto :Pp

Disturbed Stranger said...

Happy Ramadan! Leaving so soon? :( you'll be missed...

God that vimto bottle looks tempting!!

Study hard and next time I'll come with you ;)

PaLoMiNo said...


Slai7e6 said...

el vimto bedona ermo'6an mala 6a3am . 7eta lo ma teshroba :P

atoona said...

Disturbed Stranger
i already arrived.. i'll be around, so u wont miss me :P
*offers a glass of vimto*
yay, 3ayal have ur bags packed and ready ;)

7abetech el 3afya ;)

ur so right!

Sh7afana said...

tro7een wetredeen besalama ;p

atoona said...

Allah ysalmech dear ;)

Missy said...

hey I hope u had a safe flight :*

atoona said...

thanks dear, i did :)

atoona said...
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