Thursday, August 14, 2008

'Write' On!

I was feeling very 'Monica'-ish and went to buy new things for my parents room to surprise them with a NeW LooK before they travel back.
While i was rearranging things i stumbled upon this eMghabber thing, which Had MY NAME On iT!

walah ya7lailee ma36eeni certificate for reading, Geeka min wana 9gheera ;p

Check out the date: June 1992<--- i was in 1st Grade then!

3ad i remember that teacher cuz esemha kan yethakernee eb Hardeeez :P
aww the 90's! the good'Old Days *nostalgic*

On another note, are e-mails totally replacing letters? Do u remember the last time u got a personal letter?

I thinks its so much more thoughtful if someone actually takes the time to Hand-Write a letter from time to time.
I love writing them, checking them, receiving them, sending them.
i just Love maiL! =)



Meticulous said...

3ayal write me a letter !
the only thing i get in the mail are billss :(

aTooNa said...

ok ill write u a letter and send it to:
21 Meticulous Rd.

YAH don't get me started on BiLLs! bs its still better than having an empty mailbox ;>

sweetd said...

LOOOOL I love mail too :D

Coconut said...

LOOL garaitha BEADING! i was like they give certificates for beading? and even if they did, should children be beading? isn't it dangerous if a kid decides to swallow ir or sumthin..

aTooNa said...

yay another snail mail fan ;D

LOOOL! with this long analyzation of urs, shaklech it took u 4ever to figure out the real word ;p

CallaLilly_Q8 said...

Writting yu3aber and the handwritting makes wach word specialer .. not a word, but yea hi5 to mail lovers ;)

Disturbed Stranger said...

Believe it or not I do more things handwritten than typed!
Everyone thinks I'm old-fashioned but I just think I'm a classic ;)

aTooNa said...

true about the handwriting, i think its influeced by a person's personality & mood.
*hi5's back*

disturbed stranger
really? cool! ya sometimes typing doesn't do justice when ur tyring to let it all out.. not old-fashioned, but smart ;)

Bebe n' Noonie said...

loool cuutie:*:p
mm yea letters r nice bs a7is dandara !!:p
mail laylahilala fast w 3jeeb!!:p

├J o u j a┤™ said...

alllah i loved that pic

aTooNa said...

hehe noonie, shaklech ma tenfe3een bedoon technologya :P

thx jouja, 7aseeta creative.

shoosha said...

haha me too!!! i have loads and loads of certificates from when i was a kid ;p nice memories

Ni3Na3aH said...

i know u love mail so much that u would prefere sending gifts and cards by mail to ur neighbours badal mata36eenhom bil eed;p
love that pic.. very sweeeet:)

aTooNa said...

wanasa to look bak @ them.. ee wala khosh memories.

sending my neighbors mail? la la keLLesh keLLesh mo ana ;P
glad u liked el pic =)

Shoush said...

Omg! I got one of those exact certificates as a kid. Maybe we went to the same skool. ;P

suwair said...

tajaaT 7ellowah :)

Squirreliya said...

oh i love personal letters ..and nice to have those certificates wanasa

aTooNa said...

7eLFay? Thats so CooL! ee maybe nafs el skool? i was in ASK for only that yr.

thaaanx ;)

3ashaw el personal mail lovers!

Meticulous said...

21 Meticulous Rd.
LOoool u know what i friends