Tuesday, February 19, 2008

LeT iT SNoW =>

Hearing the sound of the alarm, comfortable in the warmth of my duvet, I was hesitant to get out of Bed!.. 
Receiving a text from my classmate: 
"Wakey, Wakey! thought i'd check ur awake 4 ur 9 am start!"
Well, I'd better start my DaY..
Thinking to myself how cloudy it is, I reach to pull up the blinds.. and There I See it.. the world covered with a Frosty white layer.. 
OmG.. I couldn't believe my eyes.. ITS SNOWING!!!
I was so excited... jumped to the other room, waking up the girl from her sLeep..!
As soon as she heard 'SnoW' she jumped even faster than I did Lol..
I'm beginning to think it ShouLd sNow eVeryDay!
 iTs Healthy to Wake-up in Energy and Excitement!
anywayy... I'll leave you with some pics i managed to capture from my mobile..

Lovely view from the depressing Library :p.. chaykaw lon el zoleya el3ajeeba:

Even @ Mid-day, the snow still remained:
Even though it was so freezing, i felt my fingers were about to fall off... it was still worth it :)
Hope u enjoyed the pics  ^_^



عرفتيني said...

عــجـيــــــــــــــــــــــــــــب!!! ـ
يعني نزل ثلج ثلج، مو نتفة او نتفتين!!! =)) ـ

لون الزولية ذكرني ببيوت قبل - غالبا بيت الجدة - اللي الزولية هاللون
والحمام لونه أخضر


Ni3Na3aH said...

7ada 3ajeeeb!! Ohhhh, i miss el snow o derat el snow
nafs sh3oooree when i woke up this morning and pulled up the blinds... o shft el ghbaar wel trab ele malee el denyah ;/
keep up posting o motghebeen wayed ;P
luv u ;*

aTooNa said...

e Lol alwan gabel! orange green brown.
r u Suwaicoob?

oh zain 7ashkum min el snow ely 6arashta..bas galab lo0na a9far :P
i'll try 2 keep posting ;) luv ya to0 <3

moohy said...

la3 mo suwaicuba :P

u think fe chance yanzil snow in kuwait :P

7adda 3ajeeb el man'6ar XD
im happy your excited, have a nice day XD

aTooNa said...

ee yegolon el ghbaar ely nezal bl Kuwait is actually snow, bs yesta3be6 :P

Rhombus Tigress said...

:/ my classmates never send messages to wake me up :(

aTooNa said...

rhombus tigress
awww.. i'd send u a msg if i were your classmate ;)
Thanx 4 stopping by my blog =D

Anonymous said...

Embalaaaaaaaaa Suwaicuba! =))))

I'm waiting 3al Marina FM.
Yala yala yalah!

Ni3Na3aH said...

loving the song!
me na6rah tasjeel el marina;)

نقوشيه said...

wat a beautiful morning ;p
7di miss the snow
a7la shi when u r freezin' o still refusin' to get inside ;p
7da worth it ;)

aTooNa said...

if we get snow again this year, i'll send you some :)