Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What iRRiTaTes the LiFe out of you?

I, ME, am witting a post..! =)

Okay.. its been a Year (heck more than a year) since I opened this blog and I only managed to get 3 posts written lol.. talk about time management!

A wonderful blogger managed to give me that needed PUSH …
yallah ketbay post… 3ashan enshaje3 ba3ath!” she says.

Well here I am with exams to study for, and what do I do..? BriNg My BLoG BacK 2 LiFe! (na7sha like no other).

N E ways, here goes…

What iRRiTaTes the LiFe out of you?

  • You had your mobile with you just a second ago and now you can’t find it! (reaching for the house phone to call it)

  • Walking across the living room and accidentally banging your “maskeena” pinky toe against the coffee table’s leg. Ouch! :(

  • Unplugged power outlets switched “ON”.

  • Walking outdoors in the nice fresh air and suddenly, a person walking in front of u whips-out a cigarette and the smoke gets 2 your throat & sucks-out the fresh air out of you! Grrr~

  • Your lappy begins to “yeTaNe7” when you need it most!

  • The brain shuts down, u want 2 sleep… but can’t cuz there’s this one last thing 2 do before bed time.. Daylight wakes u up as u stretch out the aching muscles u got from sleeping awkwardly on the couch. Laa o0 Fo0g HaTha, u didn’t finish that thing u were supposed to do!

  • Feeling hungry, but being too LaZy to eat.

  • Snuggling comfortably on the couch, but the TV remote seems a million miles away!

  • Spending time on the perfect hairdo, only to realize that your growing ‘KisHa’ becomes the official outdoors weather report!


Ni3Na3aH said...

mekhalef gelna post something bs warach exam girl;p
'the tv remote seems a million miles away'.. mashalah kilna bhal 7ala net3ayaz ngoom o sheQaQna kilha metre x metre
Poor pinky toe.. akrah hal 7arakah..ouch:/
welcome back ;*

Anonymous said...

Hey~ it's McReemy :P
I lost my blogger account ><

I love the point thingie!

Feeling hungry, but being too LaZy to eat.

this is SOOOOOO me!

moohy said...

i can relate to each of them XD
especially the pinky one, 7adna CLUMSY LOL.. and the rest are full of laziness, ur certainly my friend ;P LooooooooooooooooL

but ahm shay dun let little things ruin ur mood!!

aTooNa said...

Ee ba3ad, kel shay ye6la3 wagt el derasa! lol
couch bu6a6as.. yabeelna remote 7ag el remote :P
thanx girlie ;*

im glad u liked it ^_^
don't u hate that feeling!

Clumsiness & Laziness.. muw9afatna 3ajeeba :P
don worry, we "think positive" no matter what!

Ni3Na3aH said...

atooona... girl u finished ur exams yallah im still waiting for ur new post!!!;)

نقوشيه said...

Feeling hungry, but being too LaZy to eat>> waaayd et9yr m3ai ;s

ur last one 7dha funny ;p

keep on posting girl ;)

aTooNa said...

ee i hate that feeling :P
thank you girlie, i'll try ;)

aTooNa said...

ee i hate that feeling :P
thank you girlie, i'll try ;)