Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blink of an eye

TWO years ago..

but it was just like yesterday,
New Years of 2008,
with a friend,
cold weather,
each cuddled in their warm jumper,
holding a pen and plain A4 paper,
hiding our "new years resolutions" from each other, until we've finished writing our list..

I don't remember much of my list except that it was a bit silly :P
..and 'friend' stuck it on the wall with a bright fuschia tape, which surprisingly stayed there for like 9 months, lol.

So flash forward a whole year later .. New Year 2009!
Ruby's cbox
good times..
.. a start of a wonderful era ;*

Now, here we are.. the year  2010 !
seems like all that happened with a blink of an eye.

to a great year, 
filled with success..

and.... world peace?

Bye-Bye December!

Rubyyy-Woooo! will be dearly missed :'(

Fact of the Day:
currently adapting the 'law of attraction' ...and it better work!



reemas said...


doona said...

kil3am wenty bkhair atoona! ;*
i wish you a great year....and wolrd peace! ;Pp

Hope said...

Happy New Year Sis

Anony said...

laish u didnt mentioned new year 2009 @@

it was FUN :@ :P

Journal Entries said...

happy new year to u too! ;)

Standy said...

happy new year dear =)

atoona said...

thank you :) wish you a happy year too!

dandona al helwa
wentay eb alf khair! *peace*

dent sis? :P happy new year too!

Haww EEE akeeed it was fun! that's why a start of a 'new era' 3ad fehmaayyy ;D pshshsht..

Joural Eeee!
have a great 2010!

Happy new year too

Hope said...


yup, a proud dentistry student =p

فاطمــه said...



I ADORE the pic you made
with the bye bye December 7daa nice

atoona said...


Thank you!! i took lotsa shots, and a long time to decide which one to upload, lol!
ur KD one is very creative ;)
have a great year too!

Anony said...

pshhsshsht on u :@

yet alf post without mentioning me :@

NotMartha said...

Happy New Year !!

:) May it bring you all the goodluck in the world ;p

Glitter said...

3asaha senat 7ob o sa3ada :)


atoona said...

meta eb te3tarfain eb ur user-name ballah ;/

Thank you, i wish the same to you too :)

ameeen ajma3eeen :**

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! ( i know this is late)
Missing everyone in the blogosphere..
Hope this year tkon senat 5air 3alaich luv ;*

zwena said...

shino salfat al yabani @@

i am bored

elieruby said...

(This is beyond late) But, happy new year and may this one be a wonderful year for you. :*

moohy said...

Omg u've been spammed!!
So did ya reach any of these New years resolutions? I didn't think of any cuz I KNOW that nothing will happen LOL XD

grrr @ zawee :@

Raaf said...


I DID..THAT .. I DID! It worked amazingly i swear :O b3dain madre sh9ar? Kel shay entekas 3alay, you think i stopped believing aw i did something wrong? Wela leana i abused it? :P Wallah el 3atheem awal ma i adapted it certain stuff eb my head like 9araw o.O .. It was shocking!

How did it work with you?

atoona said...

I can honestly tell you that the one thing I had on my mind had happend, so el7emdellah, it worked for me too ;D

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Anonymous said...

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Prize Bond said...

I can honestly tell you that the one thing I had on my mind had happend, so el7emdellah, it worked for me too

katie said...

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