Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blink of an eye

TWO years ago..

but it was just like yesterday,
New Years of 2008,
with a friend,
cold weather,
each cuddled in their warm jumper,
holding a pen and plain A4 paper,
hiding our "new years resolutions" from each other, until we've finished writing our list..

I don't remember much of my list except that it was a bit silly :P
..and 'friend' stuck it on the wall with a bright fuschia tape, which surprisingly stayed there for like 9 months, lol.

So flash forward a whole year later .. New Year 2009!
Ruby's cbox
good times..
.. a start of a wonderful era ;*

Now, here we are.. the year  2010 !
seems like all that happened with a blink of an eye.

to a great year, 
filled with success..

and.... world peace?

Bye-Bye December!

Rubyyy-Woooo! will be dearly missed :'(

Fact of the Day:
currently adapting the 'law of attraction' ...and it better work!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Put a ring on it..

I'm hooked-up on GLEE..!!!
(more about it here and here)

Too bad there's only 13 episodes so far :/

To be honest, I expected it to be a bit corny and not that good.. but its the Total opposite!!

It's very random, yet so funny, and of course love the songs and choreography!


Here's sneak peak of 'Glee Club' in action, singing "Don't Stop Believin":

PS. episode 4 is my fav, so far  ;p

Fact of the Day:..

when technology and stupid mistakes increase stress levels, causing the feeling of wanting to pull-out every single hair on your head.... just uplift your spirit, singing along to GLEE soundtrack songs.. and the world is all good !


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I. Penn

Irving Penn,

  • One of the most remarkable contemporary photographer i came across.
  • He pays attention to detail and brings out 'interesting flaws' of the people/things he photographs.
  • His amazing career definitely influenced Photography, as a whole
  • attempt to reproduce my favorite of his portraits, using pencil:

"Black and White Vogue Cover" 1950

Fact(s) of the Day:
-6 hours till class, and i really don't want to sleep :/
-lovin this random music site.!
-atoona re-enters "diligent mode"


Sunday, November 15, 2009


Its already Time... 
..for the christmas/Holiday season craze  ^_^

My favorite part of the year...
..when colorful lights Flash and Dance along, decorating the streets...

But the Best part of all...
.. The very yummy  freshly-made NuteLLa Crepes  <3  

On a completely different note:

LucoZade is some Powerfull stuff!!
it keeps you extra extra dangerously alert... and it only comes in a small 60 ml bottle.
it got me through a heck of a lot of cramming before an exam lool...
I wouldn't regret drinking it for the world, haha.. but seeing its crazy effects, I can actually class it as a "Dangerous Drug" ! 

Fact of the day:
Shine the light and send it on...


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Magic Candy <3

* dusts off the 'ghbaar' from Bloggy *

Seems like forever since I last posted, thought it was about time I wrote something!

Life's been busy with...    with...  i don't know what exactly.. but just plain busy.. 'raktha, raktha' :/

I know this years gona fly by like a rocket ship, I just hope I can hold on tight and try to enjoy the ride.

Here's to the sweet things in life, 
Here's to the sweet people in life, 
Here's to yummy candy. . . 

Oh, and have some cookies while at it ;p

Fact of the Day:
i'd do anything for a pair of Fly Jumpers.. check out the vid!



Friday, August 21, 2009

Cleanse your SouL..

Wishing you a Great month to CLEANSE your soul with many many good deeds inshaAllah!

Please don't waste too much time watching non-sence TV shows full of negativity and sadness..     H  A  P  P  Y ..

..spend our Holy month     W  I  S  E  L  Y .. praying, reading Quran, and spending quality time with family and friends  =)

May all our Prayers be answered !

PS. hunger makes me feel a bit "agitated". Therefore, i will try to be non-temperamental.. it's just better that way... for us all :p

(a shout out to a special person: ..u know we're always here for you. please don't disappear like that, it's killing us)

Fact of the Day:
i've got a whole week off wohooow!... and How will i spend it? 
..i'm not so sure, but i'm really really hoping it involves a plane ride? lets just hope it works out! 


Sunday, August 02, 2009

What Technology has brought us!

Last night, I was watching random home made Youtube videos, as usual, and I heard something about "BlogTV"... so i asked our friend, Mr.Google, not knowing what to expect, and clicked the link that came up..

... and VoilĂ ..!
 a window into a very different worldd..

.. a world where any random person anywhere on this globe broadcasts a live video of themselves and there's a chat box on the side where people could comment, ask questions, and acutally have a proper discussion with the person in the video!!

By stumbling upon this site, lemme tell you, i could not believe the extent of what technology has brought us!
It's amazing how you type something and immediately you get a response from the person in the video stream (or whatever its supposed to be called..)
So, to cut the description short, it's like Live YouTubing, where the live video broadcaster can have conversations with the commenters.

There is definitely room for people to abuse this form of random stranger communication, especially with all those cyber weirdos out there :/

The broadcasted stuff I've seen so far included people playing guitar, singing, (some very talented, and others so so) comedy stuff, diy craft making, and even just sitting there staring at the cam doing nothing or responding to random topics with the "typers" on the chat.

One broadcaster that really caught my interest was this talented artist that was broadcasting himself as part of a project he called "My Space".

He was actually living for a whole week in a cardboard box in an art gallery in Miami, where visitors could peek through peepholes to see him. His forms of communication included internet connection and a mobile phone. 

It was interesting to chat with him through his video broadcast, because he explained how his project experiments with human interaction and how much it has changed with technology. 
I asked about how he gets his food, and believe it or not it's the random people visiting him that offer him food, and sometimes in exchange for some of his art work that he has displayed in his 'box'. .. aint that interesting?

yeah so i think BlogTV its an interesting place to visit once in a while, see what's out there.
I DO advise to beware of the weirdos, and i defiantly do not recommend this site for young internet surfers, due to some unnecessary hater and uncensored comments that may be found :p

enjoy y'all!

~Fact of the day:
Starting uni again made me realize I NEED to be a super extra diligent student this year.. looks like my life will depend on it.

= here's to diligentness =